Wednesday, February 6, 2019


This will be a quick post as I'm really just going to ask a few questions and let you all do the work!  I do like the idea of being lazy in a post, but not on this particular issue.
Hoss asked me this morning what to do about DD.  Now, this is an odd question to come out of my sweet man's mouth, but the dilemma is real and one we've always struggled with during our DD lifestyle.  So I'm going to propose the question to all of you and see what insight we may glean from your comments.
Due to my asthma, there are often times when I become sick easier than the average person and my colds/symptoms/asthma flare-ups will result in me being sick far longer than the average person.  The problem is huge when it comes to the spanking issue as when I cannot breathe it's unfair for Hoss to spank.  Does that mean my mouth knows when to stop or that I do not struggle in other areas?  Yes!  Just kidding, because I would not have written this post if I was a complete angel when I am sick, would I? 
So the basic premise for this post is that we are looking for other alternatives that Hoss can use that would help us when he cannot spank.

So start typing, folks, Hoss we really want to know what are some other corrections out there that can be "implemented" without spanking that have worked for you!

Thanks, ahead of time (I think), I know Hoss will definitely appreciate it!


  1. I mentioned this one in my latest book - but trust me, it works in real life! Butt plug, there, I said it. Now I have no idea if this is an area where you all have 'played' or not, but it will get your attention as surely as any spanking. If you haven't ever experienced this start with a very small one - it does not have to be large or painful to get your attention. Wearing one for five minutes could do the trick for small things, and the time can be lengthened for more serious infractions. It's silent, no one but the two of you will know what's happening. I'd say it's both interesting and effective. Feel free to email for more discussion.

  2. Early to bed, writing lines (this did not last long), time with no distractions like tv or tablet to focus. Going to email you a link as well. {{{HUGS}}} I get sick often for the same reasons, as you know. It sucks.
    Hugs, EsMay

  3. Hi Baker,

    Well, I know you have already experienced the joy of cap cream lol. I was going to suggest the same as EsMay. You could try corner time, extra chores (although maybe not the best idea while sick), loss of priviledges such as tv, laptop etc. I have also been banned from the blogs for a period on occasion.


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  6. Hi Baker, :) He can keep a list, and check it twice! HA! Seriously, he can keep a list, and spank later, going down the list. I remember when my parents were both ill, passed, and I was away from home a lot. There was a list. And a spanking when I got home, at some point... was effective. You got a bunch of ideas above from lots of people, so I'll leave it at that. Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  7. Soap. Don't hate me for the suggestion but all Th has to do is mention soap and I shut my mouth

  8. Are you crazy girl?! You're actually reaching out for suggestions of torture for when you are sick?! How about, Hoss could refuse to spank you and force you to stay in bed and get well?! That'd be my suggestion. Sure there is cap cream, and soap, and corner time, and lines, and lists (we all know you love lists), and don't forget ginger! Maybe he could force you to get waxed! Sorry you asked?