Sunday, October 21, 2018

Love "Spank" Languages

I am a what is your "love language," kind of girl.  It's something I enjoy reading about and analyzing about people.  So come, explore with me the wonderful world of spank languages.  Oops, I mean love languages.

So let me start with the ones I know least about, but think fit right into this post.  Are you all ready?  Here...we....go!
Gift giving...many love to give and receive gifts.  It makes their hearts soar.  In the case of this love language spanking meets this need easily.  The gift giver (the spanker) gives the gift of a spanking thus giving the giftee (the spankee) a lovely red tush.  So the gift of a spanking can definitely be met if your love language is the love language of gift giving.  Hint, it is also the gift that keeps on giving... every time you sit down (LOL)!
Quality time...what better way to spend quality time and get your love language met than a nice trip over your loved one's knee?   Quality time spent just doing this thing together.  Enjoying one another's company.  Feeling your lover close and being "you" together.  You get the added benefit of a red bum to remind you of all of that time you spent together.  Also maybe some reminder stripes if you choose a cane or belt to include in that little quality time you spent together!
Words of how in the world does spanking apply to this one?  I have you completely covered.  No worries, people!  How he lectures during the spanking, the encouraging words he says as he spanks away, warming your cheeks, reaffirming his words with each strike.  Yum or not so yum depending on the type of spanking, but it definitely is worth hearing the sternness in his voice, the affirmation that you belong to him, the dominance he beholds.  Makes me melt inside just thinking about it!
Physical touch...this one is obvious and super easy.  The way he caresses your bum, or traps your hand to keep you from reaching back.  The gentle strokes that get progressively harder as your butt is being roasted for good or not so good reasons.  How he rubs away the stings or maybe gives you one or two hard spanks to finish you off.  This one also is wonderful as that touch stays with you each time you need to find a seat and it reminds you of his hands, his body, your body leaning over his lap, how he filled your need.
Finally, but not the least, is acts of service.  Now there are several ways spanking is an act of service to your loved one.  It can be through the act of the spanking, the act of calming you down, the act of claiming you for his own.  Spanking can be gentle or rough, soft or hard, quick or slow...just the giving of one to his own partner is a genuine act of service.  There's also the possibilities of the service after the fact, but I'm not about to get into all of that.

Now, I highly doubt that I'm the only one who looks at these love languages and thinks "ah, spanking", but if you haven't you've found my take on the subject! Hope you enjoyed it!
So what's your love spank language?  Do you and your loved one have the same spank language?

Thanks, Amy, for reminding me how love languages can apply in this area.