Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Techy Issues

I'm so sorry I've been MIA.  Best laid intentions do not always line up with our real world life getting in the way.  A week ago today our WIFI router thingy went caput.  I wish I understood why it died like it did, but alias I really don't care.  It's just frustrating me to not have regular internet access.  We should be back up and running by Friday or Saturday at the latest.  I apologize for not fixing it sooner, but hey, we're really enjoying the lack of technology over here (snort).  Okay, I am.  The kids, not so much.  
So I will be back as soon as a new router is purchased and until then BEHAVE!  BE GOOD!  and really folks, get off your phones and enjoy life!

Monday, February 14, 2022

My 150th Post

Oh, my word, folks, can you believe I finally...after all these years... achieved 150 posts?  I have attempted to get there for over five years and we're finally there.  Thank you all for reading.  I appreciate the friendships that have evolved from this little piece of blogland.  I appreciate the support and kind comments.  Let's try for more posts, shall we?   You keep reading and I will do my best to keep writing.  Thanks!


Thursday, February 10, 2022

Learning This Lifestyle With Grace

When Hoss and I began this whole spanking lifestyle I did my best to research all I could.  I was scared, excited, intrigued, fascinated and so much more.  Seriously, a myriad of emotions and thoughts swirled through my head as we looked forward to this next new phase and tool in our relationship. 

I asked a lot of questions of other bloggers and read and read and read.  I found a few that were willing to take me under their wings and share and encourage.  Some were amazing and we are still friends today.  Others were good for a time, but have fallen away due to lack of similar backgrounds or interests.  It's all good.  I learned from all that I came into contact with and appreciated everyone who took the time to email me and share their history.  

Now, it's my turn.  Mid-December, Aron, from https://spankingyourwife.wordpress.com/blog-2/, referred a young wife named, Grace, to me.  We have been communicating for about six weeks.  It's been the reason I began blogging again.   Grace is a fairly new wife (married about a year and a half) who just recently (approximately two months ago) became a TIH.  So Grace brought me back here to the land because she needed something that many veteran TIH wives were to me.  A teacher, a mentor and most importantly a friend.  

Grace has taught me a few really important things and reminded me of other things that I had forgotten.   Important things like:

1. Learning to submit is hard.  

2. Learning to let all those walls down is hard.

3. Allowing your husband to lead and to completely trust him is hard.

4. Understanding that it's okay to cry it out is hard.

5. Knowing you will be confused and hurt one minute and putty in his hand is hard.

6. Figuring out that you will sometimes, if not always, desire intimacy afterwards is hard.

7. That everyone and I mean everyone does this differently is hard. (Partly because we all wish there was some sort of formula involved to show us, and our HOH, how this is done!)

So, with Grace's permission, I will share a few of her thoughts with me that I found particularly poignant to me.  

This statement was in regards to her struggles with how a discussion with her husband made her feel.

"Probably a mix of feeling respected and feeling humbled and annoyed I need to be humbled."

I think all of us can relate to the feeling the need to be humbled and annoyed that we are being humbled because I know it,' something I occasionally still struggle with.  I'm an adult and being reminded to obey or submit is hard to work through.

When Grace and I were discussing aspects of why we are disciplined this was another keen observation that struck me as something that I still find hard to work through even today (especially if I'm in a particularly stubborn mood.).

"I don't struggle with sass a lot but I certainly felt like it today!  I'm still in the choose to not hold grudging stage.  So it was tempting."

Now, we all know I'm not suggesting that I do not struggle with sass, but I do struggle with the whether or not to hold a grudge.  It can be so tempting.  That's the part that was hard for me to accept in the early years, but I definitely feel that is something that comes along as we grow in our relationships.

Finally, another goody is this comment Grace made to me after reading my post on entitled Obey, "I also liked your blog post about obey.  For me it's not so much a word as it is when my husband tell me I need to say yes sir loud enough so he can hear me clearly.  It's gotten better a pretty serious 'talk'.  I think it probably just brings up everything that wasn't dealt with when I was a teenager.  Because I feel like every teenager when he says that.  My poor husband!"

I will say our men can be extremely patient with us, can they not?  I mean how often do we need to say, "Yes, Sir," and mean it or not just whisper it or whatever it is he requires.  Oh, there are times it takes me back to being not just a teenager, but a little girl and feeling all big and grown up until the hammer falls and my butt was roasted.  

I feel Grace and I are hitting it off well.  She is teaching me as well as I am teaching her.  I think we are learning from one another as we both grow in our relationships with our husbands as well as one another.  I really encourage those of you out there who do not have a mentor or a TIH friend to confide in, that you get one.  I'm available too if you need an ear to listen to or a shoulder to cry on.  

I love that I have had and still have ladies who mentor me and really build me up as I walk this lifestyle with my Hoss.  I always gain so much insight when I pick their brains.  I am hoping I am doing as well for Grace as those precious ladies have done for me.  



Monday, February 7, 2022

Am I A Wimp?

Yesterday morning we came home from church and then I had an errand to run.  When the kids were all home I started asking the kids to get busy on chores.  I guess my voice was a bit sharp... maybe cranky is a better word?  I know my voice was beginning to rise in volume.  I was on my way into the kitchen telling everyone as I went how "Gross," the kitchen looked.  Hoss stopped me dead in my tracks.  

"25," he said sternly and boy, he sure was NOT happy with me.  I stopped, but continued mumbling under my breath.  "I have seen this kitchen look gross, this is not gross, it's not really bad at all.  Breathe."  

I bit my lip.  "Okay," I tried to bow out gracefully, but he would not let me go with just that.  He didn't even say anything just gave me that look.  "I'm sorry, it doesn't look gross, but I told so and so to do such and such and it's not done and I'm tired of picking up after everyone!"  I declared this as if it would change his mind.  Would it grant me some form leniency? 

We did not have time to get to those 25 yesterday, but I'm nervous.  I do not seem to be handling things as well since I was sick.  My skin is just more sensitive.  It's like I've got a "Virgin butt."  Ugh!  Could that possibly be true?  What is wrong with me?  

I have jitters.  I am not scared of a spanking at all.  I just do not like the pain during the actual spanking.  Afterwards I'm fine.  I still definitely love the way it resets my heart and I feel very loved.  But during I'm struggling, actually fighting the process with myself and sometimes with Hoss.  He knows how much I respond to this type of discipline and I know he's being careful with me.  Lots of breaks and words of encouragement, but folks, I do not know if it's just very sensitive skin from the meds I'm on or I'm just seriously starting over again.  

Ideas? Suggestions?  Anything would be helpful.  I just don't feel like myself in this area right now....


PS: I'm really sorry this is so late.  My weekend was crazy busy, productive, good, just busy.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Nothing New Around Here

It's Thursday folks, and nothing new around here.  Seriously, we have snow, it's cold, we are still busy as always, spanking happens when needed.  Not sure what else to say.  But I did think I'd share some Peanuts with you.  I love me some good Peanuts.  

I thought this one was appropriate for a lot of people I love right now whose lives aren't going where they would like it to be right now.  Hugs and prayers to you right now.

A truth I try very hard to live by.

Yes, you do. Stop telling yourself you don't.

And this is so so so true!  

Yes!  Has anyone tried the Dove Chocolates with Caramels.  Definitely my new favorite.  Just have to keep them hidden from my kids!

I hope you all feel this way!  I do about you all.

So true.  I try to definitely keep things positive.  Right now it's more like dancing in the snow, but you get the idea.
And for all of those who need it right now.
Yes, you truly do.

I love spending time here writing and visiting with each of you.  
I also adore my family and friends.

And that folks sums up life for me.

Love seeing you all in the comments and know more are reading.  Thank you for taking the time to visit Hoss and me.  Hugs!