Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Spankos Unite!

I am in a bit of a reflective mood today.  I have been since the new year began.  I meant to write my thoughts down Saturday, but the stomach flu hit our house big time and has continued to plague us for the last five days.  I am one tired Momma right now, but as I cannot sleep I thought I'd try to get somewhat of a post down for you all to ponder. 
(Yup, our diet right now--preferred this pic to a more graphic one!)

I have been throwing around post ideas and keep coming back to the same thing.   How else are we similar aside from our love of spanking?  I mean seriously, there have to be some sort of other similarities that bring us all to openly discuss this most private part of our lives (in which many of our families and friends have no idea about) in such a public place.  I'm just deeply curious about the traits and tendencies that may "make a spanko" (even though I am not a fan of that word).

So I just want to randomly throw out some ideas and I would like to have you either answer these in your own posts (like a meme) or just answer which ones you want in the comments below.  Or for those of you who do not blog, but would be kind enough to share and feel free to answer the questions in the comment section at the end.  Some of these questions may just seem random, but my point is to see how closely we are alike in other ways than just the DD or TTWD lifestyle.  I'm going to answer these questions as I go along, so you get an idea along what lines I am thinking....
(I like how this breaks the difference down.)

1.  Are you an introvert or extrovert or somewhere in between?  What about your HOH? 

I am most definitely an introvert, though I have extrovert tendencies in certain situations.  If I am out with a group of people, and I am not in charge of the group, than I am the quiet girl in the corner talking to one or two friends or simply listening to the conversations going on around me.  If I am in charge then, yes, I can rise to the occasion. 

Hoss, as my HOH, is an extrovert.  He loves to visit with people and seems to know everyone.  I love this about him and it makes me wonder how many other HOH's out there are more of an extrovert.  
(I think Hoss would approve of this pic!)

2.  At what age did you realize that spanking was something you were into and at what length did you go to hide it?  Did your HOH know?  For those of you who began your marriage with spanking do you think anything from your childhood helped you to be more accepting of the spanking lifestyle.

I am not exactly sure how old I was when I realized that spanking was something that fascinated me.  Maybe as young as 9 or 10 when I would read children's stories and specifically read and reread the sections on spankings.  Did I ever share this?  No.  I thought I was an odd duck and being on the very shy side I really kept private thoughts, such as this, private.  I think Hoss is accepting of this lifestyle simply because he sees it works.  The results are mostly positive.
(Does the apple fall far from the tree)

3.  Do you know of anyone else in your family who practices DD, TTWD, etc.?  And how did you come to learn that they did?

I can quickly answer no one on my side, though Hoss and I wonder about one of his brothers and his wife.  They would be described more of a traditional marriage situation if they are, but again not a 100 percent sure on this one.  Hoss has simply witnessed a few exchanges between this couple that lead him to believe that obeying is something his brother expects from his wife.  

Part of the reason I ask this question is because I'm curious of the hereditary nature of spanking.  If we have the potential to pass this down to our own children some day.  (And not by example, but just their natural tendencies towards this as they grow.)
(Not true, but often we'd go out and then sit on the couch to visit)

4.  Are you a homebody or outgoing?  To me this is different than being an introvert or extrovert.  You can be an introvert and still love to go to museums or a ball game.  You can also be an extrovert and love to just have people over and entertain in your home rather than going elsewhere.

I am a homebody.  I do enjoy getting out and seeing people one on one, but if I have the choice I'm home.  Hoss is more adventurous than I am, I think.  
5.  How do you view blogging?  Is it an outlet?  A way you process?

I'm an introvert, so I know I would not share this easily in person, but blogging.  Blogging helps me express myself.  It helps me put to words what is filling up my head.  I can write out loud on paper and get feedback, but it's not face to face.  The embarrassment factor for me is reduced dramatically.  If I am writing something in an email or text if I am blushing over what I am saying because alot of times what I read or am talking about to someone in the dd world makes me blush.  That's just how I am.

6.  What tendencies do you see in your DD or TTWD friends and bloggers?  Warning this one may be sensitive to answer.  I am in no way trying to criticize these are simply observations or things that may be similarities between us.

I find a great majority of bloggers to be very (and I mean very) private people.  They may share intimate things on their blogs, but are less likely to share about their extended children, family, locations, etc.  I understand this so much better now that I blog than I ever could before blogging.  They very much limit what the outside world sees of them, but they do get great satisfaction in helping others learn the lifestyle.  They want others to understand and tend to be very kind and considerate people.  I think the world would make our lifestyles out to be perverted or old fashioned, and yet we tend to be some of the happiest and open people around.   We just choose to keep those we love under lock and key to a degree and that is probably the safest route to take.

I also see several of us as worriers and some of us have discussed histories that include depression.  Take that one for what you will, but many have commented here and there of having tendencies towards depression and using ttwd/dd as a way to help them out of their depressive states.  Additionally, many comment how this lifestyle has saved or improved their marriages.   This is one I'm still mulling around a bit, so please take no offense.  I am one of those who tends towards depression and also feel dd greatly improved our marriage.
(Books can be one of my favorite companions)

7.  Are you a lover of the printed word?

Seriously, this is where my introverted side is most fulfilled.  I can fall in love with a series and become so taken with the characters that they become my friends.  I love books and reading and have sense I was little.  I could pick up a book and become lost in a novel.  This love has continued and I have heard from many other bloggers that they are just as avid fans of books as I am.
(Good question)

8.  Do you view yourself as a submissive?

I struggle with this one.  I am a people pleaser, yes.  Am I submissive, not quite.  I try, Lord knows I try, but I am not a "yes, sir" type of girl.  I want to be, but I'm independent.  I want to do better (and I am better than when we first started), but Hoss can attest that I do not quite fit the submissive role.

9.  Last question.  What traits do you see in your HOH that help you follow his lead?

His voice.  That may sound overly simplified, but when Hoss uses a certain tone it make me all quivery and I know to listen up.  Or it could be just the gentleness that stops me in my track as he tells me how special I am to him.  His words can get my attention.

His look.  We all say they have a look, but what is it?  For Hoss his eyes will narrow and lose their sparkle.  He's a guy that smiles easily, so when that smile is gone and his face stiffens up, I know I'm (for lack of a better word) screwed.  Or it may be that ornery grin he gets right before things turn to the fun side.  I eat that one up.  

Lastly, his stance.  He stands taller, his shoulders seem broader and his confidence seems magnified.  He seems invincible, someone you would not want to mess with for any reason.  That stance is one that makes me feel protected, loved and secure.  

Well, folks, not my normal zany post, but I hope you'll play along.  I know we are all vastly different, but I'm wondering if some of our similarities are what bring TTWD/DD to be more a prominent option for us.  Also, maybe you have other questions you'd like to ask or share.  Jump in.  I'd just like to create some dialogue and explore the traits we may have that lead us towards this lifestyle.  


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Merry Belated Christmas, A Happy New Year and A Fun Christmas Story

I thought I'd stop by with a note to say I'm sorry we missed wishing you a Merry Christmas, but I'm getting in an early Happy New Year unless you're down under and then I'm just on time! 

I love Christmas Day!  The kids are always so excited and we just love to watch their faces light up.  We spend Christmas morning at home and then go to my mom's for Christmas dinner and presents.  Things were a bit rough, but when you take for granted you always have yeast and flour and those things are somehow missing from the pantry shelves you become inventive to make rolls.  So I sent Hoss to my sister's to procure flour and found some yeast in the back of the cabinet that may been a wee bit past expiration date.  No worries the rolls turned out amazing.  

We made it to my mom's a wee bit late, but all was good.  Things turned a bit interesting when the gifts began to be unwrapped.  I was helping keep the kids stocked with gifts and had not opened a few of mine.  When I finally sat back and began to unwrap I received some nice cookie sheets and a few other gifts, but the one that took my breath away, the one that really made me beam as bright red as Rudolph's nose was this....
And not in a good way.  You see my lovely vanilla mom provided this gift to me and my sister.  Both very vanilla folks.  They had no idea what Hoss would do or think once he saw what would turn out to be more for him than me.  I quickly thanked my mom and shoved it behind me trying desperately to tame my coloring and not show Hoss.  Thankfully no one was worse for the wear until we arrived home.   Hoss was super excited when his eyes feasted on the bounty before him.  

I know your HOH's would drool too!  So which implement do you think drew his eye?  I'll let you all decide and you can comment below.  Also, just so you know some will be in our kitchen, cannot have my mom thinking her gift went to waste.  Hoss can be so generous sometimes, lol!

Have a great New Year's and stay safe!

Hoss and Baker

Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Sweeter Approach to Sunny's Meme

Abby over at Finally Finding Me suggested I might just do this meme.  Seeing I'm exhausted, sick in bed for like the third day in a row and the meds make me alert, but unable to function except to keep me bug eyed, it is an AWESOME time to do a meme.  So I will do the bestest I can under the current circumstances and if things seem wonky, they are most probably are!

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?  
This, my friends, looks almost identical to what our oldest son
 brought down to me a short while ago, he claims it's his new specialty.  
Peppermint hot chocolate.  Yummm!

2. Where was your profile picture taken? Our front porch.

3. Worst pain?  Last c-section I had, as I came down with complications afterwords.  No fun at all.

4. Favorite place you've traveled?
Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains, particular favorite is Abram's Falls.

5. How late did you stay up last night? Um, maybe 9:30?  I was exhausted.

6. If you could, would you move? We would love to move out into the country.  Would love more area for the kids to explore.

7. Favorite toy as a child?
A snoopy dog similar to this one.

8. Favorite TV show as a kid?

Saturday morning cartoons, especially these two!

9. How do you feel right now? Um, no one wants to know that, so I'll say fair to middling, but more like death warmed over.  Thanks for asking.

10. When was the last time you cried?
Watching this movie about a month ago.  Hoss and I were both blubbering at the end.  Highly recommend it if you like a good documentary.
Though there are a few spankings lately that have made me rather teary.

11. Who took your profile picture? One of our sons.

12. Who is the last person you took a picture with? The whole family.

13. What's your favorite season?

14. If you could have any career, what would you pick? Being a mom and I'm doing that!

15. Do you think relationships are worth it? I've learned something from each and everyone, so of course.  The other thing about this one is, you never know what you're going to get: a one chance meet or a life long friend!

16. If you could talk to ANYONE right now who would it be? My Grandma.  She's gone and I really miss her cooking, her wisdom and her comfort.

17. Are you a good influence?  I have no clue.  Maybe?

18. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
Yes, if you have ham and a thin crust.

19. You have the remote, what are you watching right now?
Christmas movies right now, 
but normally I do not watch anything very often.

20. Who do you think will play along? 

Seems everyone else has, maybe Amy needs to give it a go or Ella.  
They both usually know how to make us giggle.

Sunny additionally asks one new question: 

Do you open presents Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.? Kids get to open a gift from a sibling on Christmas Eve and then everything else on Christmas Day.

Abby’s question is: 

Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration?
I love the handmade ones from the kids.  

Thanks Sunny for the meme and thanks Abby for suggesting I participate.  I needed a wonderful distraction this afternoon!


Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Blogland seems to be having a bit of a rough go at it this Christmas season.  Between Roz's mom's passing and Lindy's health situation we've had a rough couple of weeks, you all.  So I'm just dropping in to offer some encouragement.  When things are rough, I love to try and find something to giggle about, or use my words to lift someone else up.  So most of you know I love memes, so I've listed some to help cheer the spirit and also to remind you to continue to pray for our dear friends.

 Particularly for our own Scrappy Doo, Roz

And for Lindy from Down Under!

(sneaking Abby in here as well)

And just so you ladies know....

Hugs and prayers!  Thankful to call you friends!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Great Online Cookie Exchange

Hey, you all, it's time for the Great Online Cookie Exchange.  I have never participated before, but with a name like Baker I thought I'd better live up to the name.  So I have posted below a yummy recipe for lemon bars.  If you have any questions please feel free to either email me or leave it in the comments.  


2 sticks of butter
2 cups flour
1/4 to 1/3 cup lemon juice
1/2 to 2/3 cup powdered sugar

4 eggs
1/2 cup lemon juice
2 cups sugar
4 tbsp flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla


Melt butter. Add powdered sugar, lemon juice and flour. Mix well. Press into bottom of 9 x 13 pan. Bake for 18-20 minutes at 350 degrees.

Beat eggs slightly, add lemon juice and vanilla. Sift flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Mix with egg mixture and pour on top of hot crust. Bake 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar. 

Lindy at Downunder Dreaming, a gluten free variety trial run for me as well and simply substituted gluten free flour in place of the regular flour I used and a dairy free spread instead of butter.  She attested it was super yummy.  Here is her pic she sent me (without the powdered sugar).

Others participating blogs:

Baker (You are here!)
selkie (recipe here)

Thank you Jz for hosting this fun event!  Thanks Cat for helping me figure out the whole computer techy stuff.

I'm suggesting to Hoss we do this, pretty sure he will veto the ice skating and the snow angels, lol!  He'd probably also recommend I make the cookie dough, but the snuggling, well, I'm certain he would not turn me down for that!

Thanks for stopping by and I'm sure with the time zones the posts will most likely show up at different times, just in case you are wondering.  Hope you find a few to try out for the holidays!  Happy baking!


Monday, November 27, 2017

I Said No, and No Means NO!

Okay, so I know the title could mean a number of things, but I’m pretty sure not what any of you are truly thinking.  See Sunday afternoons around here can be pretty hectic or very relaxing depending on what is going on.  Sometimes we are rushing around trying to get ready for the week.  Sometimes we are just chillaxing (I know that is hard to believe, but every so often it happens) and taking the day slow.  Church, a little football game on tv, a nap.  Those kind of things. Sometimes one of us is grocery shopping, helping kids with last minute school or sports related stuff, making sure everyone has laundry for the next day, etc.
Well, this past Sunday, we had one of those where I was doing stuff around the house and Hoss was watching tv and napping intermittently (it was one of those times when he needed the extra rest as he had worked the night before as well as that morning).  I received a phone call while grocery shopping.  Oops, I forgot to wake him up from his nap at 2:45.  Okay, no worries. Kids woke him up (ugh! That could be good, could be bad, but he seemed in a good mood.)  I said I was on my way, but then I got distracted and took longer than I expected.

I arrive home asked the kids to put the groceries away and went to check on my man.  Let’s just say Hoss was very ready for me to be home and not because of the kids.  So, door was locked and things began to happen.  Very nice things (says Baker blushing).
Knock, knock….

(No, it’s not a knock, knock joke!)

“Yes!” I call through the door in the middle of…..

“Mommy!”  followed by our youngest going on about some very minor insignificant thing.

“Go upstairs, tell so and so, mommy’s busy right now!”

“Daddy!”  (smart kid!)

Hoss laughs, “Listen to Mommy, go tell….”

As soon as we hear his little feet pad back towards the stairs we resume the very nice things.  Whispering softly back and forth to one another, giggling softly.
Knock, Knock…..

(No joking, it had been less than two minutes!)

“Mommy!” frantically yelled through the door by our youngest daughter.

“What?”  I yell just as frantically desperately trying to multi-task.

“B ran over my hand with the wagon!”

“Are you hurt?”  We both pause here.  No real crying going on, just a few recovering hiccups (and that was from Hoss--Just teasing, he was fine.)

“There’s a little skin coming off!”

“Okay, go see if R can look it over!”

“Okay!”  She runs (she’s always running) up the stairs.

Ah, where were we?  Oh, yes.  More sweet caresses and oh, so many delightful things and the words, that man knows how to….
Knock, Knock….

(Are you kidding me!)

“What!”  This time the niceness in my voice has totally worn off.

“Can I have something to eat!”

“Yes, and please tell everyone else that Mommy and Daddy are busy!”

Sigh!  That should take care of things as we hear him yell it to his siblings on his way upstairs.  Hoss smiles at me.  I smile back at him.

“I love you!”

“I love you, too!”  Much fun commences and things are heating up nicely.  He strokes my cheek, kisses me gently then more passiona…..


Banging on the door.  (We are going to have one less child by the end of the day!  Just joking, but oh, my, our patience is......)


“NO!” We both holler through the door “Seriously, go upstairs!”

“But I….”

“No!  No, means no!  Now go upstairs!”  Frustration definitely apparent in my voice.  Footsteps sprint to the stairs.

We look at each other and giggle.  We then proceed to finish what we started.  Softly.  Lovingly.  Quietly.

Like I said, not what you expected, but it is what it is….

I love our life.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Prayers for Roz

Good Morning, Everyone!

I received an email last evening from our sweet Roz, informing us that her mum had passed away this weekend after a massive stroke the weekend before.  Please join Hoss and me in sending hugs, our love and prayers to Roz, Rick and their family as they go through this difficult time.  The funeral is scheduled for this Thursday (New Zealand time).

With our deepest condolences....

Much love--Baker and Hoss