Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Answering Your Thought Provoking Questions (Round 2)

Here we go again, woot woot!  Second set of questions coming right up...

Yes, I know, I should have had this out before the end of March, but life marched right all over my plans, so you get the April version.  It's all good.

So without further adieu, here we go.

Fondles asks this thought provoking question:

"Hurray.  You know I'm asking everyone this - Would you name 3 implements that are employed regularly (or have been in the past) besides the hand, on your behind, and rank them in order of preference pls:)"

Okay, well I believe most of you know, prior to me getting sick that Bertha and Loopy were definitely the most used implements.  Since then though we have found I have not gained the tolerance for those particular implements.  We are not sure if that is due to my medications or just needing more time to recuperate, or what exactly.  So right now his hand or a wooden spoon are just about it.  

Going back to your question though, I would say that Bertha still ranks as one of our favorites.  I know, a bath brush should not be considered a favorite.  Except in our case it is because it was one of our first implements we tried.  Why?  I would have to see if I blogged out why we choose Bertha, but we did.  

Loopy is way down on my list of favorite.  If I cursed this would be the one implement that would have the most wretched name imaginable, but I don't curse, so I digress.  Loopy hurts.  Let's just say that and we will pretend Loopy does NOT exist.

So you know my top favorite (Bertha) and my least favorite (Loopy), but I would have to say the few times I've experienced the belt or a strap I'd say I actually liked the feel of those.  The sensation is different and I feel like the burn is less stingy.  I can deal with thud better than a stingy sensation.  Like when we tried a plastic hanger (always looking for something super quiet due to kids being around) I hated the sting.  It was awful.  I can handle a hanger if I'm wearing jeans because it hurts, but doesn't feel like someone just dipped my bum in scalding hot water.  I hope that makes sense.  Wow, that was long winded.  Sorry about that.

Okay the other question I have to answer is from Ronnie.  Ronnie asks, "Baker hi, I cost was not a factor, where in the world would you and Hoss most like to visit?"

I would definitely say that Hoss and I really have discussed going to Alaska.  But our (got to fly there) would be Australia as Lindy is there (and a short plane ride to New Zealand to visit Roz).  We love the idea, but again, I believe I may have mentioned it before, the fear of flying is a bit overwhelming for me.  Hoss has flown a few times before, but it truly scares me to death.  

So there you all have it.  A little bit of Q and A has come to an end.  I'm doing my best to get into the land every few days, but last week just got away from me.  I will try harder this week.  Hugs to you all and thanks so much for stopping in.  Bye!


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Answering Your Thought Provoking Questions! (Round1)

Hey, you all!  I hope you are having a good Sunday afternoon.  As I promised, I have some questions from some of you to answer.  I'm still taking questions, so if you are so inclined, ask away!

First off, from Morningstar.  She asks the following:

"My question is probably pretty dumb.... But when I first started reading your blog I always pictured you in the kitchen baking (I have NO imagination - grinning) so my question is....do you bake? And if not why the nick Baker?"

Okay, Morningstar, not to be ultra boring or anything, but I absolutely love to bake.  It's not a former career or anything, more of a hobby I have when I need to do something to keep me busy.  I also bake a lot with our kids.  

Now, that said, I do not glean the name Baker from baking.  I actually picked that name because of a mentor I had when I used to work.  She was a small spunky lady in her mid-40s, old enough to be my mom when I met her.  I called her by her last name, Baker, all the time.  We all did because her first name was common and she was by no means a common lady.  I felt like her zany personality and boldness were not something I could ever be.  I wrote a post on it once a long, long time ago.  The full story is in that post: https://oursweetapproach.blogspot.com/2017/01/whats-in-name.html

Question #2 coming right up.  Okay, PK, here we go:

"It has been awhile since you've blogged and there are always new people out there.  My question is, could you give a quick review of how TTWD works in your marriage?"

Well, TTWD works differently in all marriages.  I doubt ours is anything particularly unique, but I will try to answer this to the best of my ability.  Hoss is the HOH.  I would not really say I'm a true submissive.  I struggle with that term, but I definitely try my best (most days) to submit.  I have done much better relying on him the last eight months due to being sick and he has more than lived up to the title of HOH.  We have had our ups and downs over the years (inconsistent at times), but we have found DD works best.  We are both happiest when we are in a good DD rhythm.  I hope I explained that well.  Kind of hard to put it into words sometimes.

(Shout out to PK's latest book!)

Roz's question is up next.  

"Firstly, are you taking care of yourself and getting plenty of rest?  The answer better be yes:)

I know you and Hoss have a very busy life with a large brood, but if you could get away together anywhere in the world where would you choose?

Do you have an all time favorite movie?"

Well, I am taking care of myself and trying to get plenty of rest.  When I do not do those things Hoss makes sure I do (smiling/not smiling, lol).  So, yes!

We both love nature, hiking and the mountains.  Our honeymoon was in Tennessee in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Beautiful place.  But we have two places we have discussed visiting for our 20th wedding anniversary next year.  One being Alaska and the other being Australia.  Lindy Lou (a sweet blogging friend) is pulling for Australia.  One big issue is I do NOT fly.  Well, I have NEVER flown, and it scares me to death to even think about it.  I have been reassured it's safe.  But that's another story in and of itself.

Favorite movie....Hoss and I both love sports movies.  We have watched several, but I am not sure which would be our favorite....maybe Remember the Titans.  If you are just asking me....probably Beaches or Steel Magnolias.  I preface this part by saying I rarely watch movies and tend to watch the good ones over and over again.  I am also into the land of older teens, mid teens and a few elementary kids so we tend to watch what they want.  I'm not a huge fan of TV and movies, so unless they or Hoss suggest something I probably would not watch it anyway.

I have two more questions and will try to get to those soon.  If you have additional questions, let me know, and I will add them to my list.  Or if something did not make sense, feel free to ask for clarification.  

Have a great day!


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

March Questions and Answers

March is Question and Answer month here in blogland and I'm up for the challenge.  At least, me thinks I am?  
What types of questions would you all like to ask me or perhaps Hoss?  We'd love to hear from you all.  Thanks!


Saturday, March 20, 2021

The Questions You May Have

I have wondered often, "Where do bloggers go?" when they retire from blogging or quit?  


Did something happen to make them not want to blog anymore? (Almost happened to me.)

Did they lose interest in their blog? (Sometimes I do--just sayin'.)

What are they doing now? (About to tell you about little ole' me.)

Did a giant hippopotamus just swallow them up whole and they never lived to tale the tale about it?  (This one feels about right to me!)

I know many take breaks and some are kind enough to let their readers know.  Others let us know they have decided to leave the blogging world because their lives are too chaotic or just run out of things to say.  Some retire and just check in periodically.  Others no longer blog, but keep checking in through their comments or an occasional post to say, "Yes, I'm still alive!"  I'm one of those, I suppose. 

I now feel comfortable to speak to why I have not blogging lately.  I'd been in a bit of a blogging slump beginning sometime early 2020.  Kids and sports and life in general had made it harder and harder to get things done for myself.  This blog is something I do for myself as a way to make DD/TTWD friends and express our lifestyle with without being public (you know immediate family and friends) about it.  Then COVID happened and well, I had more time with less kid stuff outside of the house was happening, so I did a bit of blogging last year around this time.

Last July, I really began to feel icky.  I should not feel this way, I told myself repeatedly.  I need to make an appointment with a doctor, but with all the Covid stuff, I could not bring myself to do it.  I had little desire to get out in public.  It was hot.  I was busy.  I had a million reasons.  I only felt worn out and had this dull nagging headache.  Weird, but I'm not a heat lover so I thought maybe all the time in my garden was getting to me.

Near the end of July I was making lunch for the family.  I sat down to eat my lunch and I swallowed wrong and began to cough.  That coughing lead to a nasty headache.  I let Hoss know I was not feeling well and needed to lay down to get the headache under control.  It helped some, but the headache only eased slightly until Tuesday. Tuesday it decided to take a life on of it's own. I had taken our daughter to an appointment and called to see if our chiropractor could adjust my neck. I was in misery. On the drive there my eyes just would not work and I fought to keep my eyes on the road.  By the time we arrived I thought, "This has to be the worst migraine of my life."  I did not feel better after the adjustment and was just intent on going home.  Later that evening as I lay in bed I told Hoss this is not getting better.  Meds, ice pack, pain gel, none of it helped.

Early that Wednesday morning after not being able to sleep I woke Hoss up.  Hoss called our family doctor and the Doc told us to go to the ER.  That ride was awful.  Every bump, every curve.  I felt like my head was splitting in two and I could hardly keep myself steady every time the car moved.  And it was moving fast.  My sweet Hoss was coming to the rescue and getting me there quick.  He later told me I looked like I deteriorating before his eyes.  We got there and Covid struck.  My strong man, my rock had to leave me at the door and stay in the parking lot waiting for news.

I remember a very kind man telling me they were going to give me a migraine cocktail and find out what was going on.  I asked for my man, but moments later I was in blissful sleep. Hours later I was put in an ambulance to go to another hospital.  It was not a harsh migraine, but a blood clot!  

Wait? What? I didn't understand.  Why would I have a blood clot, in my brain no less?  A rare kind at that.  I thought that was something that happened to other people...older people with heart disease...or someone hurt in an accident.  Not me.  Not us!  

Later the next day I went to the ICU for those with brain trauma.  Another ambulance drive. Another MRI and more bloodwork. Day three I found out I'd had a stroke.  Seriously, people what was going on here?  I am mid 40s.  I am mostly healthy.  No heart issues.  Minor stuff all under control.  What was happening to me? To us?  Why was Hoss not here with me.  I needed him to hold my hand and talk me through this, to explain what the doctors and nurses were saying to me.  He was a phone call away, but it felt...it felt like he was on another planet far from me.

It was also day 3 that I was aware enough to know that I needed prayer.  I asked our small group leader to pray for us and God showed up in a mighty way.  For that I am beyond thankful.  Meals were brought to take care of our family, people prayed, and healing happened.  Spiritual healing was my greatest healing of all.  I am thankful for this path, this beautiful journey we have been given.  Yes, I say we.  Hoss, the kids and I and everyone who has been there has been through a lot of change and learned a great deal about life.  The value of it.  That things I felt were distractions were the most profound blessings of them all.

I will not go into detail about all the diagnoses and health complications as that could be a book in itself, but I have been healing.  I have had an awesome group of doctors who have been monitoring my progress.  They are keeping good track of all my medical needs, but I have been told by all that no one knows what caused this blood clot.  That it was some sort of fluke? I know that God knew the why and the how and all that jazz.  It's what has happened and the likelihood it will reoccur is just unknown, so we go on and heal and pray.  I am not afraid of tomorrow.  I am simply thankful today.

I am now at the place that I feel that all the pieces have fallen into place and my stamina is growing.  I am still here to watch our children grow.  We are finally looking at DD again.  It's always been there, but just in small bursts or stops and starts.  My sweet blessed man, Hoss, has done things he never thought he would need to do for me until I was older.  Things like helping me walk to and from the bathroom, shower and relearn how to navigate stairs.  He's held my hand as have many others.  I have learned to rely on him in a way I never would have otherwise.  His kindness, his hours of tears and worry, his constant prayers said on my behalf.  I am beyond blessed when it comes to him. Our children have helped to carry us with their sweet words of encouragement, laughter and struggles as well.  So many people to thank for such blessings that were bestowed.  People I loved and cared about showed up in a big way!   Human kindness was overflowing and still is and we am incredibly grateful for that.

For my blogging family that walked this journey with me.  Thank you will never seem enough.  To Lindy, Cat, Kanga Jo and Amy who showed up time and time again.  To Roz, EsMay, PK and Minelle who sent emails to encourage me.  Thank you and thank you and thank you!  Your words meant so much to me and to Hoss.   For the times that many prayed for me, thank you!  As I said before God showed up big time and allowed me to embrace this as a journey.  

I am still on that journey of healing.  When Amy and I decided to write the Christmas chapters back in December I was still far from recovery.  It was her editing and encouragement to dip my toe back into blogland that kept me going.

Hoss and I are just now seriously looking at DD again as something that needs to return in consistency and he wants me to blog again.  He knows it helps me.  So thank you readers and bloggers for reading this post.  For having the patience to stay with us through this journey.  If you want to ask questions, feel free.  Shoot me an email.  I will do my best to get back to regular responses and posts.  Know there are still some hard health days around here, but most days are good.  

May God's blessings flow down on you,

--Hoss and Baker

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Almost Made it to 2021 - Here's Something to Read Until We Get There!


Happy New Year Bloggers!

If you didn’t get any spanky literature from Santa this year, not to worry. “Our Sweet Approach” and “Eric51Amy49” teamed up before the holiday to write a chapter book.  Many of you followed along, reading bits and pieces, but as the book grew we got requests to put everything on one page.  Your wish is our command!  

Below you will find links to each chapter of our joint venture.  This was written in such a way that you, the reader, can make a choice at the end of the first three chapters in order to take you to a certain place in the book. In order words, these chapters can be put together in more ways than one. 

To start, read Chapter One and then choose which version of Chapter Two most interests you; by the title.  Then move onto Chapter Three and so on.  Don’t forget to come back and do it all over again if you want to read the other versions but go ahead and finish one whole story before returning.

Let us know in the comments what you liked best and together, we can say good-bye to 2020 and hello to 2021!

Chapter Story - You Lead the Way! Chapter One…

Meet Hugh and Becca by clicking the link above and starting with Chapter One.

Chapter Two - There are three versions of Chapter Two.  Click the link of the title that most interests you and find out Hugh’s idea of gifts that keep on giving!

How the RED Grinch Gift Almost Stole Christmas 


How the BLUE Grinch Gift Almost Stole Christmas 


How the GREEN Grinch Gift Almost Stole Christmas 

Chapter Three - Somebody is in big trouble.  You decide what implement Hugh will use on Becca. Click the link on one of the three titles that you would choose as HOH.

A BELT Spanking a Day, Keeps a Coal Filled Stocking Away 


A FLOGGER Spanking a Day, Keeps a Coal Filled Stocking Away


A HAIRBRUSH Spanking a Day, Keeps a Coal Filled Stocking Away 

Chapter Four - Don’t you find, often the best part of a spanking is the sexy playtime afterwards?  You better be over 21 to continue reading!  Pick your pleasure by clicking on the title that makes you want more. :)

When Mistletoe Comes A-Knockin’ and the Bed Starts A-Rockin’ 


When Mistletoe Comes A-Knockin’ and a Ginger Plug Comes to Play 


When Mistletoe Comes A-Knockin’ and the Satin Rope Does the Trick


Chapter Five - You’ve reached the end of our story.  See what Hugh has up his sleeve this time and thank you for reading. (Haven’t had enough? Go back to chapter one and start again.  After-all, there are multiple versions.)

Chapter Five: She Came Upon a Midnight Spanking Clear(ly because She Deserved It)

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

When Mistletoe Comes A-Knockin’ and the Bed Starts A-Rockin’

Hugh felt that with the discipline complete that some extracurricular activities could commence.  Becca was in full agreement.  This whole spanking business made them both horny.  Hugh knew that best by working his hand slowly down her bottom and into her sweet sensitive spot between her legs.  As he gently felt and probed with his fingers he was amazed at how wet she had become by the spanking alone.  

“Hmmm…” he thought as carefully felt for her clit.  He began to tap it gently and Becca let out a whimper.  “Does my sweetness like that?”

“Yes, sir,” she mumbled into the pillow.  Becca more than liked it, she loved feeling his fingers explore her nether regions.  Even though her bum was smarting, it was no match for the magic sensations his fingers worked and overpowered any lingering pain she felt.  She gently ground into his ministrations as they worked to get his clothing off.  Naked together was definitely better.  Soft sweet caresses and long passionate kisses warmed them both up.  

Hugh knew that Becca loved her nipples nibbled and sucked on.  He immediately went to work on the right one suckling long and hard.  He was eager to make her squeal with delight and it only took mere seconds before she was squirming and whimpering.  Hugh enjoyed this part of their lifestyle the best.  The “making up” kind of sex and the sheer enjoyment of one another’s bodies.  He moved his mouth to enjoy her other breast as Becca’s hand began to lightly rub Hugh’s back, butt and then his member.  

Becca had struggled early on in their marriage with being touched.  It could often overwhelm her as negative memories from her past would flood in to take the place of the new ones.  Hugh and TTWD had helped her to conquer those old demons.  Now, she could just enjoy Hugh’s sucking her nipples and maybe in a few minutes she could return the favor and provide his cock a bit of loving too.

Hugh grinned as he teasingly pulled her left nipple to its limits and enjoyed the taste of his wife’s soft delectable skin.  “May I take a taste of your clit, my love?  See if I can make you go long and loud?  Will you moan for me?”

Becca giggled.  She nodded a grin filling her face as she quickly flipped over.  The grin left immediately as she had already forgotten the immense pain of the spanking.  “Owww!”  She cried out and tried to reposition herself more carefully.  It was now Hugh’s chance to grin.

"Is something wrong,” he teased. “Surely, your bum isn’t that sore, is it?  I must not have done a thorough enough job.”

“Oh, you were plenty thorough, Hugh.  Probably too thorough.”  Hugh always enjoyed hearing about his handiwork.  

“Now, where were we?  I believe you offered to give me a mind blowing orgasm?” Becca said softly.

“Oh, that’s right, well, only if it won’t cause you too much pain.  Otherwise we can skip it and go straight to you sucking me off.”  Hugh said making Becca turn beet red.

“No, Sir, I’d really appreciate the release first.”  She was seriously embarrassed talking this way, even to her man, but at the same time, she was dying to have a release after such a long, hard spanking.  

“Well, then, you’re about to get your boots knocked off.”  And with that he practically dove between her legs and began to use his tongue to drive her over the edge.  He delivered the orgasm her body so desperately craved within seconds and just to add to her satisfaction he gave her two!  

When Becca finally caught her breath Hugh encouraged her to repay the favor.  Becca slid down to lean on Hugh’s legs and began sucking, licking, and teasing Hugh’s member with her mouth, teeth and tongue.  Becca could usually keep him entertained for quite a few minutes, but tonight Hugh almost immediately pulled Becca to lay on his chest.

“I can’t wait to have that sweet pussy.” Hugh said, grabbing the back of her neck and pulling her hair into his fist.  “Get on my cock!”  Becca did as he commanded her and quickly slid down onto Hugh.  The pounding of their bodies, the demand for hard, rough sex, and the night’s spanking overwhelmed them both. After several minutes they lay next to one another, soaked in sweat, and both shivered at the same time.  Hugh covered them with a blanket and Becca was softly snoring within seconds.

As Hugh cuddled Becca in his arms he was satisfied with her discipline and the calmness it brought to both of them.  And the make up sex was pretty amazing too!

Dear Readers, 

We have one more chapter to finish up this little Christmas gift from us to you. We hope you've enjoyed it!  We definitely have had a great deal of fun writing it for you.  Last Chapter will be posted by Friday.  Come back and check it out on Amy's blog https://eric51amy49.blogspot.com/.  

Merry Christmas!

Baker and Amy

When Mistletoe Comes A-Knocking and a Ginger Plug Comes to Play

Hugh told Becca to stand in the corner at the northeast corner of their bedroom.  He loved that spot because she knew if she stepped out of line, the neighbors could catch a glimpse of her pink bottom.

“Where are you going?” she asked, not wanting to be away from him after such an intense disciplinary session.

Hugh shooed her along, popping her backside one time as she headed toward the corner of the room.  “I’ll be right there,” he said. “I just need to get something from the kitchen.”

Becca grinned and ran toward the corner of the room. 

“Bring me a cookie,” she yelled, pretty sure there was some sexy whipped cream time in her near future and wanting a snack to keep up with Hugh’s momentum.

“What did you say?” he asked, annoyed that she had just been spanked and was ordering him around like her lackey.

“I said,” she hollered louder, “bring me a cookie.  The gingerbread men!  They’re on the cooling rack on the counter next to the oven.”  At that point it didn’t matter that the dough had been store bought and that the kids had decorated them.  She just wanted something to keep her energy going.  

Hugh growled under his breath.  “Order me around,” he grumbled, “well, you’re the one getting more than a cookie!”

When Hugh appeared at the door of their room, he turned the lock and placed the cookie on the dresser. Then he stood behind Becca, just close enough that she could feel the heat of his body as he took off his clothes.  When he was completely naked, he took her shoulders and turned her towards him.

“Will you look at that!” she exclaimed, eyes wide looking down at him.”Are you sharing?” she asked coyly, reaching out to touch.

Hugh pulled away and marched her over to the bed.  

“I want you to bend over and spread your cheeks,” he ordered.

“Mmmm,” hummed Becca.  Initially she was afraid of anal sex but Hugh had taken his time introducing it to her and now it was one of her top three favorites.  She put her belly on the mattress and reached back, then stopped.

“Can I have my cookie first?” she looked back at his steadfast face.

“Rebecca St. Clair!” he scolding and pushing her back over, placed a big red smack and outline of his handprint on her already ravaged butt cheek.

“Hey!” she hollered, reaching back and rubbing her bottom.

“Do I need to give you another one?” Hugh threatened.  “Now spread those cheeks.  I want to see that beautiful starfish of yours.”

Deciding the cookie wasn’t worth another slap, Becca pulled her cheeks apart waiting for the warm press of Hugh on her body.  He understood the minute required for her to adjust and open wide for him to enter her.  She closed her eyes at the first sense of him and then screwed up her face in a confused look.

“Why are you so cold?!” she asked, her bottom getting that feeling but one that was way too cold to be her husband.

Smack!  Hugh’s hand came down on the back of Becca’s thigh as he pushed a bit deeper.  “Enough with the questions,” he scolded.  “You asked for this!”

As the icy object began to warm, Becca recognized the stingy burn that went with a thawing ginger plug.  She stiffened against the burn, causing it to intensify with the pressure of her muscles practically squeezing the oils from the root and into her skin.

“Hugh!” she whined.  “I said Gingerbread man, not ginger plug.”

The root continued to thaw as Hugh’s laughter filled the room.

“Guess I misunderstood with you YELLING at me,” he chuckled.

Becca squirmed on the bed and kept her hands in place, spreading her cheeks so as not to touch the root anymore than she had to.

“You can let go now,” Hugh said, placing her hands in front of her.  

Becca moaned, the fire increasing with no relief as her cheeks came together.

“Okay, okay,” she begged. “I get it. I mean, I got it. Enough, Hugh. Seriously. Enough.”

Hugh waited a few more seconds and then pulled the plug back out, hearing Becca’s audible sigh of relief as he quickly tossed it in the waste can next to her vanity.

“I don’t believe we are going to have any more issues before the end of the year, are we?” Hugh asked, turning Becca over on her back.  She shook her head and allowed him to step between her legs, the mixture of a sore bum both inside and out keeping her focused on every word he spoke.

“I can’t hear you,” he said.

“Yes sir,” she replied and then quickly changed her answer.  “I mean, no sir.  I mean, what was the question again Is this a trick?”

Hugh laughed at her determination to give the correct answer but confusion as to what meant “no more issues”. Smiling, he leaned in and touched his nose to hers.

“You’ve got it, honey,” he said and kissed her passionately.  With one hand under her head and lips going to town on her mouth, he directed his cock into her wet pussy and began to slowly work his way back and forth between her butterfly lips.  Becca moaned, that sweet heavenly sound that Hugh loved to hear escaping from deep within her chest.  He continued to keep his pace slow and steady, watching for a sign that she was ready to cum.  

Becca wasn’t much of a talker during sex but Hugh had learned her body language and when she turned her face to the right side of her body, he knew it was time.  Keeping everything else the same, Hugh slightly increased the tempo and then took his thumb and pulling back the hood of her clit, began making crazy 8’s with the little button underneath.

“Whoooo, ooooooooooh, aaaahhhhhhhhhhh,” Becca let out an animalistic cry as her entire being began to shake. The ginger oils always made her cum hard and fast, the true benefit of the initial suffering.  

Hugh continued to pump in and out until he too exploded in pleasure, grabbing onto her hips and holding himself steady as he downloaded every ounce he could spare.

The couple rinsed off real quick in the bathroom and then grabbed their clothes and got dressed before any little people realized they had snuck off.

“Can we just snuggle for a minute?” Becca asked, pulling Hugh over to the bed.  He reached over to the dresser and then climbed in, tucking his arm under his body so she could nuzzle into his chest.

“Hey, Becca,” he teased until she looked up at his face, “is this what you wanted?” he asked, holding a gingerbread cookie in front of her eyes.

“You brat!” she exclaimed, snatching the cookie from his hand and noticing immediately that it only had one leg.  “Where’s his other leg?!” she asked.

Hugh grinned.  “I had to make sure it was good enough for you,” he teased, breaking off an arm and popping it into his mouth.  Together they finished the cookie and then lay back against the headboard, enjoying the moment.

As Hugh cuddled Becca in his arms he was satisfied with her discipline and the calmness it brought to both of them.  And the make up sex was pretty amazing too!

Dear Readers, We have one more chapter to finish up this little Christmas gift from us to you. We hope you've enjoyed it! We definitely have had a great deal of fun writing it for you. Last Chapter will be posted by Friday. Come back and check it out on Amy's blog https://eric51amy49.blogspot.com/ . Merry Christmas! Baker and Amy