Monday, November 28, 2016

Are You Like Me?

So, I’ve been pondering a thought on how to entice the younger readers out of their shells a bit.  The ones in the same boat that I’m in.  You know who you are.  The wives and mommies who are trying to figure out how to enhance their marriage with ttwd/dd while trying to juggle tons of other demands on their lives.
(Yup, that's me, most days.)

Maybe you are just into this for play or maybe just discipline or role affirmation or a smattering of everything that ttwd can encompass.  Maybe you are seeking to find someone to understand and be a listening ear that can empathize with what you are going through.  Yes, there are so many wonderful bloggers out there.  I value them like no other.   They have helped me come so far in such a little time by answering my questions and listening to my thoughts.

(Just kidding, no other bloggers have been harmed in the making of this post!)

But as many point out they are empty nesters, retired or close to that point. That is a different season of life.  One I will not see for many more years to come.
(Yeah, that's me when the man takes all the kids to a double feature for the afternoon!)

I’m in the throes of just trying to manage the house, kids, and have enough time to give my man more than a kiss on his way out the door for work most days.

(This gives me the giggles!)

I have no idea what we are doing most of the time.  I still have tons of questions and doubts.  We are in the learning stage.  Knowing me and the way I view things we will never get out of this stage.

(Every day I learn something new!)

I would like to hear from some of my readers who are out there in this stage of life.  The ones who may feel as lonely as I do in the middle of this, when you cannot turn your mother or sister or best friend for advice or a listening ear.  You can email me.  I do not bite.  I’m just trying to glean how others get through this and find balance, same as you.

(Yes, unfortunately, I feel like I'm constantly making mistakes and learning from them.)

Yes, we are making progress, and learning, but it just seems like I’m one of the few out there, in this stage of life, trying to make this work.  So, feel free to send me an email. Maybe, you and I, can lift one another up and learn from one another.  Also, last thought I'd like to share, because as I have written this a few of my children have walked by and wanted to know what I was doing and why I was smiling at no one.  I said I was just having a conversation with myself.  I was... sort of....out loud.... on paper..... with each of you.

 (Yeah, unfortunately, that would be me!)


By the way, this is my 13th post, a true baker's dozen for my first month of blogging, not bad, huh?

Email me at

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Seriously, What's Going On Here?

Hey, everyone!  I have a bit of a conundrum here.  This is our very first year doing ttwd/dd and really our first big holiday that we have been at the level that we have done stress relief prior to any big event.  It is also one of the first holidays we have conducted at our home that went off with a stress free wife and mommy.  Let me give you the setup and maybe by the end you can help me figure this out a bit.

Thanksgiving morning, early, my man and I were snuggling in bed.  We’d had some lovely “quality time” doing some “extracurriculars” that do not need mentioning when he announced that it was time to get out the bath brush.   Went from this:

to this:

My arch-enemy!

Now, realize, everyone else is blissfully asleep upstairs, thank the Lord our children are heavy sleepers, because it was about to get a tad bit loud.  He laid out a nice firm pillow across his lap and had me take off my pajama bottoms.  He started out gently, but within seconds I was ouching and squirming trying to get off his lap.  I’m never sure why I hold onto that pillow, it never helps to comfort me, so much as it’s something I hold onto for dear life.  So, he’s reminding me to be calm and nice today.  Family is coming over and though I hardly have any conflict with them, I have had conflict with my SIL (his sister) the past weekend, in regards to another SIL causing us both issues.  He does not want conflict or stress.  He wanted a relaxed wife.   He would spank until he got what he wanted.  Stress relief is new.  We’ve done maintenance, discipline and good girls, but not really anything just to reset my stress level.  So far, at least in my opinion, it helps tremendously and I seem to be in a bit less trouble as my sass is less and my submission better.  It took a bit, but the stress level went down and cuddling commenced.  Then I had to get busy with the baking and well, the man, my sweet man went back to sleep.  (He'd worked until past midnight and was awake early, so we could have some time before the rush of the day set in.)

I got busy with the cooking and baking, while everyone else slept.  Read a few blogs and answered well wishes for a happy turkey day.  Sent out texts to my friends wishing them well this holiday season.  I got a bit behind, but no real worries.  Children began to get up and I sent them off to do the cleaning and take showers.  Company began to arrive and pitch in with the cooking or cleaning up the dishes or whatever needed to be done.  It was filled with laughter and talking.  The TV was on with the parade and then football games.  I do not handle the crowding in the kitchen, but I was calm. Dinner was late as one part of the family from a good distance arrived late, but they pitched right in as well.  It was just a nice relaxing day, with little to no stress.  Unheard of here on a normal day, let alone a holiday with us hosting close to 15 additional people.

Well, folks, he got what he wanted.  A relaxed wife.  It was one of the best Thanksgiving we have had in awhile.  There was no fussing from this wife.  I only had one minor slip up with oldest son and daughter not doing their chores quickly enough, but my man stepped in and all was good.  Dinner was not done on time, but no problem.  Plenty of helpers in the kitchen and I did not get upset either. I usually get frustrated when too many people are in my kitchen in the way.  Not this year.  We handled things as a team and both were in tune with one another.

So, dear readers, the question is, but why?  Why does a stress relief spanking reset me to the point I am not letting my ugly side rear it’s head, like at all?  I understand the sexy ones.  They are lovely and well, improve the sex life.  I get discipline, it rids me of the guilt and disappointment, clears the air, so to speak.  Rights wrongs between us.  Maintenance helps me to listen better to him.  It’s more of a way to just reaffirm things.  Helps remind me that I have given my submission to him.  This stress relief though, it seems almost just for me.  Just to reset my whole being into a submissive wife, gentle mommy, and keeps us working together as a team.  The after the spanking almost feels like I’m floating, but yet I’m here, actively involved, enjoying life and things from a different perspective. The different perspective of a dd/ttwd wife.  Anyone, understand what I’m even saying here?  I’m not sure if anyone can explain it, but I’d love to hear your opinions on all of this.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing each one of you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day!   I am grateful for many things this day and feel very blessed to live in this beautiful country of ours.   I am thankful for God, my loving man, my beautiful children, extended family, friends-old and new (including all of you), and all the plentiful things that make my life easy and simple that I take for granted on a daily basis.

I leave you with a few pieces from the Proclamation for Thanksgiving Day that President Abraham Lincoln decreed to bring our great nation together for a day of thanks for your thoughts and consideration.  (This is not the whole proclamation which is lengthy and wordy, but these were my two favorite passages).  Hope you enjoy it!

October 3, 1863

By the President of the United States of America.

A Proclamation.

The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature, that they cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever watchful providence of Almighty God....................

It has seemed to me fit and proper that they should be solemnly, reverently and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one voice by the whole American People. I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens............


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I found great joy in reading everyone's sweet comments on LOL days as well as visiting so many wonderful bloggers.   This is very much a diverse group with lots to share.  I am learning so much from each one of you.   So thank you for joining me in celebrating my first ever LOL Day.  So a little bit of this:

A little bit of that would be my first meme thing.  So, while I was out visiting other blogs I came across Lilli's blog, These 3: Faith, Hope and Love.  She had a lovely little meme for a husband to answer on behalf of his wife meme.  I've been wanting to do a meme, but have not found the time, so I decided to bring hers over here and have my man fill it out (so I did not have to find the time, he did).  I thought it would be a fun way for you all to learn a bit about me, from my man's perspective.  He knows me pretty well, so here goes (additional explanations in parentheses are mine):

What is something I always say?  
     -"they're stopping!!!!!"  (this would be in regards to my backseat driving and drivers in front of us)
•What makes me happy?  
     -seeing the kids succeed
•What makes me sad?  
•How tall am I?  
      5'07 (he gave me an extra inch!)
•What's my favorite thing to do?
       -read (absolutely)
•What do I do when You're not around?
•If I become famous, what will it be for?
•What makes you proud of me?
      -your character
•What is my favorite food?  
      -ice cream 
•What is my favorite restaurant?  
     -Texas Road House 
•Where is my favorite place to visit?
     - Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains
•If I could go anywhere, where would it be? 
•How do I annoy you?
        -back seat driving
•What is my favorite movie? 
      - The Blind Side
•You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with?
  -S (she's a sweet friend, but my man says her mouth is unfiltered!)

I'd love to see your answers (well, your spouse's answers) too!  Thanks for the idea, Lilli!

So, here's a few little random sillies that I found to start off your Tuesday with some giggles, because it's good to laugh and be happy!

(Yup, been there, done that with a few kids!  Have you???)

(This is just too funny)

(Too Cute!)

(Where I learned my sarcasm from!)

Have a blessed day!  



Friday, November 18, 2016

LOL Day is Here!

Happy "Love Our Lurkers" Day!!!

Welcome all who have come to lurk, read, comment and enjoy!  I am so happy and thankful you stopped by for a visit.  I was/am a lurker on many a blog (will be remedying that post haste).  I am new to almost everyone as my blog is only in her infancy stage of life at a little over two weeks old.  I'm would like to use the wise words of Dr. Seuss to encourage you to stop in and leave a comment.  You never know where it can lead you!

Yup, delurking can feel like a mountain to overcome.  

Last year at this time I had absolutely no idea what an LOL day was and only read about it in the last six or seven months on other blogs, so totally not sure what to expect here.  I never commented on anyone's blogs either, but finally became brave enough to send out a few emails.  Guess what?  Everyone was wonderfully inviting!  It was because of one such blogger's persistence and encouragement/support that I felt I could have my own blog, so here I am! 

We are all unique and can learn from one another in so many ways!

Maybe, you are not in a ttwd/dd relationship, but you are in the learning and gleaning from the blogs.  Maybe, you desire or want to bring this type of a relationship to your spouse, but have not done so.  Maybe, you are just beginning and have lots of questions.  Or maybe you have been in this lifestyle for some time and just enjoy reading about others.  Where ever you are on your journey you are welcome here!  So feel free to comment or email me.  

Love what this says!  Such a beautiful perspective about friendships!

Now, it's your turn!  Simply take a deep breath!  Go to comments.  Write a quick "how do you do" and then hit publish!  Oh, it is so easy.  But, if you would prefer not to comment, but want to drop me a line anyway to let me know you stopped in, please email me at  I would absolutely be thrilled to hear from you!

So, I welcome you, every day I do,
to come and be the youest of you!


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Simple Act

Well, I think it is time for a rehash of sorts.  At least that is what is occurring in my mind. Before we added this to our marriage I would be hard pressed to say I was a ready listener to my man's opinions or suggestions.  As he would tell it, "I did not have a voice," and now he does. I come from a long line of strong women and I do not believe I know many who eagerly await a decision from their husbands on any issue, let alone on something as simple as how to drive home.  

Now, I am an adult, I can figure out my way very easily from point a to point b in our hometown.  I rarely need instructions unless it is to clarify a new destination.  So, Sunday night when I was meeting a group of friends at a coffee house kind of thing I thought nothing of simply texting my friend to figure out the location and what time I was to be there.  My man was picking the kids up from a church event, so I was free to go and really no big deal.  I arrived and began chatting with one of my best friends of the group and everyone was giving me a very hard time about the decision of whether to order a hot chocolate or just have ice cream.  

Yes, I know, everyone else was having that coffee stuff, that smells so delish, but tastes horrid to me, but I was in deep internal debate.  The group has heard from my friend how she often brings me hot chocolate, while I tease her about consuming large amounts of coffee which has little to no effect on her.  I know some people sip on coffee for hours, but I can down a large hot chocolate from Starbucks in ten minutes flat.  Well, I have a love/hate relationship with caffeine.  It makes me the energizer bunny for hours, so having hot chocolate at 7 o'clock at night would have some undesirable consequences if I wanted to sleep anytime soon.  I usually avoid hot chocolate unless I'm freezing or know I'm going to need to be up for awhile, like say around ten hours.   So, though my husband does not regulate my caffeine intake I decided neither of us needed that kind of hyper to end our weekend.   On a side note, I do think my friend likes to see me buzzing around on hot chocolate because the conversations we have always end up with a great deal of laughter. Yup, the sillies can really take over and miss shy and reserved can talk a mean streak.  So I avoided a bit of trouble by having some strawberry cheesecake ice cream to settle my ego a bit from all the teasing I had incurred.   

Now, to the point of the story.  We ladies had a lovely evening out, giggling and talking about kids and our husbands and such, and at 9 went to my car to leave.  I called my man to tell him I was headed home and the route I planned to take.  Now, that may sound silly to some, but I was going to need to travel through an area of town that was not very safe to get to the highway that would take me home.  He said, "No, I want you to take....." and you know what I replied?  I simply said, "yes" and did exactly what he said. 

Sorry, thought this one was super cute! 
Not that any of you are old enough to remember rotary phones!

Which I know this is old hat to alot of you, and others of you are going, boring story.  Not so here.  I thought all the way home how much I had changed.  Trust me when I say this, in the past I may or may not have listened.  I would have thought going out of my way to take a different road would have seemed silly at best and would have gone on my own merry way as if he had not suggested it at all.  Rude, you say?  Disrespectful?  Yes, I agree, but my excuse would have been, "I am an adult" and "I can drive where I want, it'll be okay".  I would have done what I wanted.  So, I was impressed with my ability to just heed his word, trust him and know that his suggestion was to keep me safe.    

When I made it home and told him that I had done as he said he agreed that I had made progress.  I did not argue with him about the route or become annoyed that he would suggest it.  A simple thing really in the realm of things, but something I feel proud of and thankful for.  I told him how I would have reacted before and he nodded.  He knew how I would have responded and it easily could have been an arguement.  So, in a small way, I was able to gain a little ground towards the sweet side of life, by simply trusting my man.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Learned Something New!

So recently our family went on a five day trip a half day’s drive from where we live.  There was a great deal of things to be done prior to the trip and I was a heaping helping of stressed out mess for my man to deal with prior to even leaving.  

There was a spanking the morning of our departure, but it had little to no effect on my mindset.  During the trip my attitude continued to deteriorate for some unknown reason.  The harder I tried to get myself under control the worse my sassy mouth spewed forth frustrated and angry words.  I am not proud to say this, but I was being a royal pain in the you know where.  

This trip was complicated by the fact that the majority of the trip required little to no privacy to deal with the stress I was causing my man and family.  Yes, keeping our children out of the loop of the change in our relationship is of the utmost importance.  Though they are seeing me submit more and argue less, the spanking part is well, done privately and away from listening eyes and ears.  

 My man and I did have two very long, uncomfortable talks which he kept requiring me to look into his eyes.  Now, you must understand his eyes tell so many things and I absolutely hated the disappointment I saw in them.  He needed the loving supportive, submissive wife that he loves, he got just the opposite.  A good portion of my attitude continued with:

Do you see the cold look in that woman's eyes?  Yup, that was the air and attitude I was carrying as I still could not bring my stress level to a manageable level, even with the help of my kind man.  I’m not even sure who showed up for that trip, but I can guarantee she was a force to be reckoned with and a lady I hope does not show up again anytime soon.  

So, all of this lead to the following thoughts towards the end of our trip that really helped us both realize how much things have changed in the last several months.  I wrote this out at the time and think it is very pertinent to share, especially for those like us who are new to ttwd/dd.  

I have finally figured out something that has been plaguing my mind this whole trip.  Yes, this was kind of a duh moment here, but learning something nonetheless.  My man also is trying to figure out things.  I suggested to him that I believe a huge part of our problem right now is what we have set in place has been working, and working so well.  We have slowly been making progress.  The reason we are not functioning well this trip is because what used to work doesn't anymore.  Pouting, pulling away, angry words--you get the idea.  What works now is when I get an attitude he has a way to manage that attitude, relatively quickly and efficiently.  When I'm stressed out and need him he can help me with that as well.  There is not this constant source of friction, but rather an understanding where the boundaries are and what lines not to cross.  At home when I cross them usually things can be handled within 24 hours.  Things had gone unsettled for almost 4 whole days.  Here it's just hung over our heads like a dark cloud.  There is not peace only frustration.  His two talks have helped, considerably, but I have been craving more.  We are past the point that he would normally clear the air with a spanking and we both are desiring a reset.  Okay, he is desiring it and I am resigned to it.

The duh moment came to me when I realized my man wants the reset as badly as I do.  We both want the calmness this lifestyle has brought us.  We were driving to a quick errand and I told him I could not wait for tonight for the one on one time with him in our own little tent.  He grinned, a smile I have missed seeing for several days--the mischievous smile, and said he is looking forward to it in more ways than one.  A few swats should get things going he said.  My heart settled.  I love that he loves this as much as I do it.  So, things are improving.  Lots of talking in bit and pieces as time has allowed.  So we found out that the ttwd/dd is working.

So what happened when we got home?  I know that is what everyone is dying to hear.  Well, let’s just say that I literally felt his wrath on my bum in a way I never, ever want to feel again.   I was literally toasted and roasted with Big Bertha the "Blanking" Bath Brush.   Let me just add that the next few days were blissfully calm and peaceful in our home, even if sitting was very comfortable for yours truly.  I had found the reset is what I desperately desired to set things right.  That the guilt for acting so horrid was erased and everyone was happy to see the return of the mommy and wife I strive for daily.

So how do you handle vacations and other times when things can not be handled right away?  What tactics does your spouse use to let you know you are pushing the line or have blazed across it?  I'd really love to glean from what you all have learned.    


Friday, November 11, 2016

Did You Know?

Did you folks know that it is not advisable to throw an implement across the room during a spanking?

Did you also know that one should not wretch the implement from your husband's hands to avoid further contact with said implement and your bum?

Did you know that just because the implement is left out in the open that you should not hide it?

Did you know that if you do hide the implement it's replacement will be worse or that when he finds said implement that things will be worse for you?

When choosing. .:

Did you know, that one should never refuse to turn over for a spanking or ignore the request to lay over your man's lap?

Did you know pinching your man's inner thigh can result in a spanking that you would care not to repeat again, like ever?

Did you know that throwing back your hand during a spanking is an excellent way to detour the spanking however brief the interlude?

Did you also know that if you throw back your hand you could accidentally receive a swat to said hand because he was in the middle of a swing with the implement?

Did you know you are not to pull chest hairs or give your man's nipple a tight twist to avoid a spanking?

Did you know that yelling out rude or snarky comments during a spanking does not make it end any faster, but will quite possibly make it longer and harder?

Did you know kicking and hitting are not necessary recommended during a spanking?

Did you know biting his leg or arm while being spanked can lead to unpleasant consequences?

Did you also know that this type of behavior can lead to a very sore bum that will make you regret your decision to ever bring spanking to your man in the first place?

Yeah, me neither, I did not know, but I do now and I'm not sure I'm willing to share how I found out.....

katherine hepburn - so I love Katherine Hepburn and I love this quote, and then I saw it with this image, and I love the message.  Do bad things so men in suits will spank you, I'm assuming he's attractive.  I like this message.  Room poster?:

Please take this for the tongue and cheek that it is meant to be and if you have further Did You Knows feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Repeat Offender

I am a repeat offender.  I make the same mistakes over and over again and expect different results.  I know, that's kind of the definition of insanity, and I will not plead that as my case.  I just do not always know how to get control of this thing attached to my mouth called my tongue.  It seems to get the better of me most days.  People who used to know me prior to being married and having children would say I had amazing control of my tongue and knew when to hold it and when to speak.  Now, not so much.  Now, I tend to speak whatever I am thinking (or not thinking in some cases) and those things come pouring out with amazing speed and well, to be honest here, it gets me in trouble.  Like, um, let's just say trouble of mammoth proportions.

So, guess who's working on taming her tongue?  Her attitude?  Her tact?  Yup, me.  I am known for being sweet and kind, but my family can feel the brunt of my temper.  Sarcasm is usually my weapon of choice and unfortunately, my kind, thoughtful children are beginning to I inherit this ability.  That of course was never my intention, but it happens.  They do what we do and not what we say (okay, they do repeat what I say sometimes, but I am not helping my case here.)

Well, my hubby does not like me to have a sarcastic attitude.  He says it is rude and disrespectful.  You know where this is going correct?  I become surly and negative when I am sarcastic.  I do not know when to quiet myself and become submissive.  It's funny, that when I do find myself trying to control my tongue I bow my head down and close my eyes and breathe deeply.   I know, very submissive, right?  When I am not attempting to control my tongue I am very animated.   My man would prefer me to take those deep breaths and get myself under control before speaking.  I struggle with this.  I like to have the last word.  I do not like what he has to say.  I want to be right.  Well, that's how things used to be ALL the time.  Now, well, there are consequences that are not fun when I get “snarky” and “sassy” and “rude” to my man.

That takes us to yesterday.  I had been very rude, again (deep remorseful sigh) the day (Sunday) before.  I had gone off to bed in a huff and blamed it on the time change throwing me off.  That and just feeling plain grumpy.  Okay, I was doing my best to avoid anymore trouble.  I was tired, so I went to sleep quickly.  Now, we tend to get up early around here (we meaning hubby and me).    So he was getting ready and I know I needed a bit of a reset.  I prefer he takes care of things before he is dressed because he will usually let me lay over his lap.  I prefer that.  This was not about my preferences though.  He had me lay on the bed, which does not happen often.  I grabbed my pillow and crossed my ankles.  I had been told this helps and it does.  What I did not expect, was him putting my ankles between his thighs to keep me from moving.  I was pinned, folks.  That was really hard for me to take, but actually helped (for the most part) to stay in place.  I still managed to roll to my side at one point, but he was able to flip me right back and keep going without missing a beat (LOL, that pun was not intentional)

I have already been very vocal to all of you about really hating big Bertha, but let me mind those of you who may not know, I despise the bath brush.  My man likes wood.  He likes the way it thuds or he can keep a beat with it, who knows, because I sure do not.  He made it very well known to my backside that he did not appreciate in any way shape or form my attitude from the day before.  Well, funny thing happened as I lay there submitting.  With every swat I felt that attitude fleeing.  I felt the snarkiness run.  I felt the relief flood over me.  All the stress and grumpiness that lead to all the attitude, gone.   It was like I was released.

When it was over, yes, I had a mighty sore bum, but I had something more.  I like the idea of being centered, but also just peaceful.  I like that this gives me a way to reset my heart and mind and I feel like I can cope again.  That I can control myself, especially my tongue.  I went on to have a really good day.  I always have a few minor blow ups throughout the day, especially when I'm more tired during the evening hours, but they were minor.  I was able to feel my man's support as we called back and forth during the day to check on how things were going.  I was able to hear him talking words of encouragement (which I have a hard time doing when I'm having an attitude).  I do not believe I was rude to him during any of our phone calls.  He had a sweet, calm wife and our children had an attentive mommy who listened and did not become frustrated with them.  It works, folks.  It just works.  I do not pretend to know why, I just know it does.  I believe as time goes by my ability to be a repeat offender will be lessened considerably.  What do you think?  Have you found the longer you've done DD/TTWD that you find yourself less likely to be a repeat offender?

Thanks for stopping in for a visit.  I'm happy you came by.


Sunday, November 6, 2016


I wrote this a few weeks ago, so no worries, my bum is fine.  I like that I can go there in my mind by rereading it now.  The peace that washes over me is a very lovely feeling just remembering what I learned that day.

I love quiet, peaceful morning when the kids are sleeping and my man has already headed off to work and things are just quiet.  Our ac is acting up so we opened our windows last night.  We had a lovely storm that brought fall like weather and I'm enjoying the sounds of the wind this morning, very calming.   If I had the guts I'd be lying here naked, so my bum could cool off from the breeze!   

Wow, did I pay for yesterday's attitude big time.  Going to have to burn Big Bertha soon!  She's got to go.   I'm certain she would not mind a new home.  Sigh….Probably would not matter if I got rid of it anyway, I'm certain whatever he would come up with would be far worse for my bum.  I know it does not pay for me to smart off to my man, but I did several times yesterday.  I've been very tired lately and I was not coping very well at all.  Not just one snide text, but several.   I accused him of being rude and it took several hours with a few phone calls before I could get myself to settle down and stop losing it on him.  I was already in deep at that point.  Like needing waders that go up to my neck kind of deep.  Have you ever been there?

So this morning, bright and early he is getting ready to go into work.   He told me to get Big Bertha out and be ready once he was dressed.  I tried to sit on the bed, but was immediately told to get down and wait in a very serious tone.  That is never a good sign.  It is rare that he is that serious.  He said he needed something and I went to retrieve it and was told again to stand there and wait.  Yup, this was not looking good for me at all.  When he was ready, I leaned over the bed on a pillow (what is it with me that I absolutely hate that position?  I can hardly tolerate a spanking in that position at all) and he started in hard and fast.  That blasted bath brush hurts and I was wiggling around, standing up, stomping my feet, trying my best to breathe through it.  Remember the other day when I said I do not make sassy comments during a discipline type spanking, yes, well just because I was not saying them, did not mean I was not thinking them LOUDLY in my head!  He put his left hand on my back and pushed me back down.  I was doing everything I could to stay in control of myself, but I think I stood up three times.  I received a lot of extras this morning for not submitting to the discipline, but oh, my gosh, it hurt, so bad I could hardly handle it.  At least I had not grabbed that blasted thing and flung it, um, well, that’s another story altogether.

I cannot contemplate sitting on my backside without it aching right now.  I seriously got the message to behave today.  Broke my good streak, that's for sure, but afterward he hugged me tight and kissed me so gently.  I love my man's lips, so soft.  He told me how much he loves me.  I felt so loved, content, and peaceful inside.  So centered.  All the angry words forgotten and forgiven by him.  I love that he cares so much for me and does not let me get away with nasty remarks or disrespect anymore.  It used to be when we got into a tiff we'd argue and tear each other down for days.  It was like the anger came and would stay around for days.  Now, that he can deal with things the argument is over before it starts.  I love that!  I also get to walk away from things feeling cherished and not wounded.  I love that him taking control can do that for me, for us.  It’s a feeling like no other.

Sorry, not a silly spanking 'post,” but one I felt needed to be shared.  I’m just feeling very relaxed and thankful, not contemplating how this works, so much as just loving that it does.  Thanks for listening.    


Friday, November 4, 2016

Dashing Through the Snow!

Hey, there, to everyone out in blogland,

I have felt so welcomed over the past few days and I am very thankful for such kind words of encouragement and support.  I am indeed blessed to have had a few mentors who have encouraged me to get through my first spanking post.  Thank you, Meredith for finding the email that I sent to you that had this and for the title, (I still cannot believe I somehow erased it), and thank you to Jan for telling me to just get it over with and I’d feel better.  A quick bit about my man and I first off.  

We both love to laugh and tease one another.  Many mornings I receive a maintenance type spanking and this little post speaks to that.  We do good girl, stress relief and discipline types too, but this helps to reset me and most of the time is done in a bit of a teasing, happy manner.  

One of our favorite times is when he is getting ready to spank or in the middle of spanking and I find I cannot keep my sassy mouth quiet long enough to answer appropriately.  Many times things pop right out of my mouth and I do not even have any idea how they even got there.  I say things that even I am like sheesh, girl, get ahold of yourself.   The majority of those times we are simply doing a maintenance type spanking, because if I said something sassy during a discipline spanking the reaction would NOT be the same.  My man usually has an equally good comeback for my sass and that leads us to this little post, which actually took place in early October and is truly my favorite spanking memory since we started this around six months ago. I apologize in advance that it is a bit long.

I have had a nasty sinus infection since Wednesday last and have been pretty much spank free since then.  Not always a good thing, let me tell you, being spank free. There was a lovely good girl spanking Saturday evening, but other than that he was giving me a break.  As I was informed several times this weekend it was not because I was good, but because he was letting me recover from the sinus infection. I'm glad he's really embracing the communication factor since a previous misunderstanding. 

This morning I woke up at 3 am ready to conquer the world.  Ahhh, a quiet and peaceful home with everyone else sleeping soundly in their beds.  A mommy's dream morning!  I got cracking on laundry that had piled even larger over the weekend and then proceeded to do a bit of reading with chores intertwined.  I made a yummy egg casserole and showered then went to wake my man up at 530.  

We were both in good moods, having breakfast in bed when he announced that he felt I was well enough for maintenance!  I had already decided that I was not going to fight it, no folks, I was going to submit.  I had it in my mind that I needed a good reset, so to speak. He had me procure the blasted "big bertha" bath brush and lay over his lap on a nice comfy pillow, of course comfort would not last long.  He began paddling harder than usual and I called for an immediate timeout.   Yes, during maintenance I'm allowed to call a timeout if something is wrong.  There was most definitely something wrong!  He was spanking way too hard!!!  He said it was because I still had my pajama bottoms on and he needed to compensate for the extra layers.  I promptly removed those!  Now, I went right back over my lap and then it happened.  The man did something I never expected.  He burst into song!

Yes, let me tell you that you have not experienced life until your man spanks you to the tune of Jingle Bells!  I wiggled up and away as he laughed hysterically and tried to hold me in place!   My words were, "what the heck is wrong with you!  The last thing I need to have is the image of you spanking me to that tune when the kids start singing it.  I'll never keep a straight face again!"  His reply truly took me by surprise, "how else am I going to keep the beat?" He said between his laughing and spanking.  I did not realize he needed to 'keep the beat' so to speak.  He proceeded to spank me while singing and laughing through the chorus and first verse.  My butt was on fire!  He finally stopped and lectured briefly about me getting up, twice, while he serenaded and spanked me.  How could I not enjoy his serenade?  The giggling time ended though as he moved on to  reminding me of a few issues he wanted me to remember and those spanks became harder, more serious whilst holding me in place.  Dang that blasted bath brush hurt!  I'm still sore four hours later!!!!!  

When we were cuddling afterward I reminded him how much he disliked Christmas songs before November (kids and I usually begin playing them in October).  He told me he would pick a Halloween tune next.  Laughing, I suggested Monster Mash.  Yes, I think we both have a bit of a wicked sense of humor.  He tried out a few lyrics (thankfully not on my bum).  Thankfully we have had only a few more times that I have been serenaded by my man and one was to the tune of the “Song That Never Ends” yeah, I don’t really recommend that one!  

Whew!  First spanking post done and done.  You are right, Jan, it does feel good to have it written!  I also did not end up chewing my fingernails or having to eat a ton of ice cream to get through it!  So a couple of questions for all of you who are daring enough to respond.  (By the way, I love to ask questions, so please indulge me here).  Have you every been spanked and serenaded?  How often do you dissolve into laughter over a spanking? And finally is my man the only one who's crazy enough to name his implements?  

Thanks again for everyone stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the visit as much as I did.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Hello, again,
I have really loved hearing all of the sweet words of encouragement and support from everyone.  Yesterday was insane.  I’d had been set up with the first post all day long.  My man told me to post it around noon.  Yeah, could not do it.   I stared at that thing off and on all day.  Finally, my man came home, read it and asked me why I had not published it.  I told him I could not do it.  I was sitting at the foot of the bed trying to work up the courage.  He took the laptop, pushed the publish button.  Panic ensued on my part.  Lots of dirty glares and how could yous were uttered by me.  He just went off to watch tv with a smirk on his face.  He loves to see me squirm.

I sent an email to Meredith telling her that it was posted, no details mind you, just that it was done.  She replied quickly asking how was she to find the silly thing if I did not send her the link.  Yeah, that’s me, in a panic, forgetting important details.  I sent her the link and went to hide.  Yes, I hid away doing laundry and well trying to calm myself down.  It only worked until things started popping up on my laptop.  I shoved the laptop over to my man and laid down refusing to even look at the thing.  It had grown eyes and ears as far as I was concerned and I wanted no part of it.  My man told me to grow up and email Cat and Meredith back.  He reminded me I liked them, they would not bite. Oh, and to grow up.  Sheesh, he was being such a big meany, laughing at me while I curled up in the fetal position biting my nails as if the end was coming.  I blamed him for hitting publish.  He coaxed and teased me back to the laptop.  Okay, he pinched me on the bum a few times and told me to get cracking, that I could do this.  I did and all was fine and wonderful.  The nervous breakdown over and I was spent, so I headed off to bed.

This morning I was amazed at all the additional comments.  You are all wonderful.   Now, I was excited to have everyone stop by and visit, but I still need to get over my intimidation of this blogging thing.  I was encouraged to get the next blog up quickly.  I have decided to do just that.  Why?  Because I enjoy wallowing in my insecurities  while I snarf my children’s good Halloween candy and chew off the remaining of my fingernails off.  Nah, because Meredith told me to and I tend to view her as a bit of an expert in this world of blogging.  Yeah, also need to post about this whole new approach to life, but I might need a couple of pints of strawberry cheesecake ice cream and red velvet cake to get through that one as the candy rations are low and the fingernails are gone.….


P.S. I was able to push the publish button by myself this time. LOL!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Hello, to all who view this blog,
I am both powerfully nervous and extremely ecstatic to be joining all of you courageous writers here in blogland.  I have thoroughly relished reading your posts and comments over the past months.  Several have brought tears to my eyes and laughter to my lips as I have read and reread your trials, observations, stories, and giggles.  First off I want to thank those who have encouraged me greatly these past months as my man and I have been attempting to find how dd/ttwd will work for us.  Their words and responses to my countless emails have been amazing and each one genuinely appreciated more than they will ever truly know. Several times a response to an email would help me dig myself out of a hole I was getting myself into with my man, by gently reminding me of the reasons we had chosen this new way.  Other times I was already in over my head and had to deal with the inevitable consequences, but their words would help to calm and reassure me that this too was apart of the process.  Thank you all again.

So, a bit about us as I'm certain that's why you all found your way here in the first place.  My man and I have been married close to 15 years and yes, we have children.  I learned about this similar to most of you by simply googling, "spanking" which lead to "domestic discipline".  I found myself fascinated with the thought of this lifestyle as it seemed an answer to my prayers.  I deeply desired my man's leadership and needed his direction and support.  My man and I are still in the beginning stages, taking things slowly, day by day, but we are growing closer and for that I am grateful.  

Now, I invite you all to come along and see how things work here.  I still have many unanswered questions and lots of genuinely good laughs to share, so bear with me as I stick my little toe in and see what becomes of this little blog.   As I said, we are rather new, we will most likely falter here and there as my man and I make our way forward in what we consider a sweeter approach to life. 

Baker and My Man