Monday, November 25, 2019


When Hoss and I started DD, just like many others, I did all the research before bringing the idea to him.  We started slow.  Hoss had given me one resounding swat during some mighty fine loving and he said the look on my face of surprise was all he needed to know that I was shocked, but curiously interested.  A short time later, I asked him to spank me one night while we were engaging in some "extracurricular exercise," in our room.  We have since added discipline, maintenance, resets, etc. to our repertoire.  We've grown, stretched, had set back, reevaluated every aspect of this since the very beginning.  There has been as many growths as steps backs and we have learned many things of value that have helped us become closer and earn greater trust in one another over the past three and a half years.
Over the weekend, Hoss and I had done some talking and I would like to open that discussion up here.  I know that many of you have been in a TTWD, DD, D/S relationship and some have tried one of the dynamics and then decided it was not for you or your loved one.  Others of you are still in that place where you are researching and searching for answers to why and what and who and the other myriad of questions we all have asked ourselves before.  Well, during our discussion I asked Hoss the question, "How did you known this was the right thing for us?"  and maybe more detailed, "How did you know it would work?"  His answer was simple, but heartfelt as he often is, "I saw that spark in your eye, and I knew we were onto something."
I often ponder over how this has evolved into Hoss often being more willing to spank than I am to receive said spanking.  I love his answer to this thought as well, "I know it works, I know how it makes you feel.  I see how it helps us."  I love that it is all about us.  That little word says so much.  It means so much.  It also must be noted that Hoss feels like when DD is at it's most prevalent that I am most willing to hear him, to truly listen to him, and that is what makes things feel so right.
I say these things because they continue to amaze me.  Not to say we are better or worse than any other couple out there.  We are just doing our own thing and trying to learn every day what would bring us closer together.  I reflect often of where we were and where we are now.   I am curious of the following things though about you all as well.

So without further ado feel free to answer all or just some of the questions or feel free to just say, "Hi," so I know you stopped in.

1. How do you feel your relationship has changed or grown or evolved since adding spanking to your relationship?

2. Do you feel your spouse as changed or grown as much as you have or less or the same or differently?

3.  What was your spouse's initial response to adding this whole spanking thing into your relationship?

4.  Has spanking improved things and if so, how so?

I know we all blog about a lot of different aspects of spanking, but these are just a few of the thoughts I ponder when I think about spanking.  And I often wonder what others responses would be.  Feel free to share.  No judgments made here, just interest and curiosity.  Thanks for stopping in!


Monday, November 18, 2019

Thank You!

Hello, everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping in last Thursday and Friday for LOL days!
I know it's hard to make those first comments and I remember hemming and hawing trying to decide what to say and who to say it to before I actually decided to leave those first comments.  I actually began by sending emails to the bloggers I was most interested in getting to know first.  It's hard to believe that I am so shy that I choose to say hi that way first, but I definitely felt way more secure in doing so.  It was so scary, but I'm so glad I did.  One blogger encouraged me to blog and I did, thanks to her advice.  I have made some really diverse and interesting friends by taking that first step.  I am thankful to those friends for all of their antics that keep me laughing and loving this community.
It's always my goal to be here more and more, but sometimes it happens less and less.  So I will try to make it my goal to post at least once a week from now until New Year's.  Things are calming down as our house guests are leaving by the end of the week. 
We have been so blessed (and sometimes stressed) through their stay, but God is good and we hope that groundwork has been laid for a smooth transition.  We will miss them, but are looking forward to having a "somewhat" normal return to our little daily life.

So, drop on over and give me a brief update on how things are for you and yours.  It does not need to be TTWD/DD related, just let Hoss and I know what we've been missing out on.  There is still regular spanking going on here and I will be posting about some of those coming up soon.  I am trying to ease back into the blogging, so please have patience with me.  I miss being here and I miss hearing from all of you!  So even though LOL day is over, if you want to reach out, and say, "Hey," feel free to do so!

And thanks again to Hermione for hosting LOL days again this year!  She did a fantabulous job!


Thursday, November 14, 2019

LOL Days Are Finally Here!

Sometimes as a blogger, I often wonder this.  I mean, really, does what I have to say even matter?  Those that comment are almost always other bloggers stopping by with a friendly, "Hello!"

Well not today, folks! Today and tomorrow are very special days!
It's that time of year again, for us to love on our lurkers!  So here we go!  Just a fair warning before we get too deeply involved here!

So with all of the preliminary warnings in place...let's proceed, shall we?

First, things, first.  I really want you to know that I love hearing from readers.  Even when they only want to say, "Hi!" I enjoy getting to know that there are others who enjoy visiting here.

And well, even though I do not write as often as I would like, because real life takes over...A LOT!
But life is always made better by making new friends and having a great time with the old ones!
And I truly believe....
So lurkers come out of hiding.  Show how great you are! 
 Leave a comment and say, "How do you do!" 
Thanks for stopping by!  And remember 

I hope you are finally at the point to say...
 And leave a comment!
Hugs from Baker and Hoss