Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Great Online Cookie Exchange Is TODAY!!!

Hey, you all, it's that time of year again!  Time to tempt you to try something new and enjoy a few new recipes too!  So this year I am sharing one of our kids' favorite cookie recipes.  I know rolled sugar cookies are a dime a dozen, but this one I have used for years and I, kid you not, it's our favorite sugar cookie recipe ever!

1 1/2 cups of butter softened (that's three sticks if you're counting and I melt mine completely)
2 to 2 1/3 cups of white sugar (this will depend on how sweet you want the actual cookies)
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
5 cups of flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
Powdered sugar (I use powdered sugar rather than flour to roll the cookie dough in)

In a large mixing bowl cream together butter and sugar until well blended.  Beat in eggs and vanilla.  Then add flour and baking powder.   You can chill the mixture for an hour or overnight, but we use it right away.  If dough is very sticky add additional powdered sugar to your countertop.  I have found this gives the cookies a nice texture.

Bake for 6 to 8 minutes, but this will depend on the thickness of the cookie and size of the shapes you cut.  Cool completely before removing.

Other wonderful bakers out there who are sharing new recipes are:
little monkey
Mrs. Fever
selkie (blog here, recipe here)

Happy Christmas baking!

Monday, November 25, 2019


When Hoss and I started DD, just like many others, I did all the research before bringing the idea to him.  We started slow.  Hoss had given me one resounding swat during some mighty fine loving and he said the look on my face of surprise was all he needed to know that I was shocked, but curiously interested.  A short time later, I asked him to spank me one night while we were engaging in some "extracurricular exercise," in our room.  We have since added discipline, maintenance, resets, etc. to our repertoire.  We've grown, stretched, had set back, reevaluated every aspect of this since the very beginning.  There has been as many growths as steps backs and we have learned many things of value that have helped us become closer and earn greater trust in one another over the past three and a half years.
Over the weekend, Hoss and I had done some talking and I would like to open that discussion up here.  I know that many of you have been in a TTWD, DD, D/S relationship and some have tried one of the dynamics and then decided it was not for you or your loved one.  Others of you are still in that place where you are researching and searching for answers to why and what and who and the other myriad of questions we all have asked ourselves before.  Well, during our discussion I asked Hoss the question, "How did you known this was the right thing for us?"  and maybe more detailed, "How did you know it would work?"  His answer was simple, but heartfelt as he often is, "I saw that spark in your eye, and I knew we were onto something."
I often ponder over how this has evolved into Hoss often being more willing to spank than I am to receive said spanking.  I love his answer to this thought as well, "I know it works, I know how it makes you feel.  I see how it helps us."  I love that it is all about us.  That little word says so much.  It means so much.  It also must be noted that Hoss feels like when DD is at it's most prevalent that I am most willing to hear him, to truly listen to him, and that is what makes things feel so right.
I say these things because they continue to amaze me.  Not to say we are better or worse than any other couple out there.  We are just doing our own thing and trying to learn every day what would bring us closer together.  I reflect often of where we were and where we are now.   I am curious of the following things though about you all as well.

So without further ado feel free to answer all or just some of the questions or feel free to just say, "Hi," so I know you stopped in.

1. How do you feel your relationship has changed or grown or evolved since adding spanking to your relationship?

2. Do you feel your spouse as changed or grown as much as you have or less or the same or differently?

3.  What was your spouse's initial response to adding this whole spanking thing into your relationship?

4.  Has spanking improved things and if so, how so?

I know we all blog about a lot of different aspects of spanking, but these are just a few of the thoughts I ponder when I think about spanking.  And I often wonder what others responses would be.  Feel free to share.  No judgments made here, just interest and curiosity.  Thanks for stopping in!


Monday, November 18, 2019

Thank You!

Hello, everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping in last Thursday and Friday for LOL days!
I know it's hard to make those first comments and I remember hemming and hawing trying to decide what to say and who to say it to before I actually decided to leave those first comments.  I actually began by sending emails to the bloggers I was most interested in getting to know first.  It's hard to believe that I am so shy that I choose to say hi that way first, but I definitely felt way more secure in doing so.  It was so scary, but I'm so glad I did.  One blogger encouraged me to blog and I did, thanks to her advice.  I have made some really diverse and interesting friends by taking that first step.  I am thankful to those friends for all of their antics that keep me laughing and loving this community.
It's always my goal to be here more and more, but sometimes it happens less and less.  So I will try to make it my goal to post at least once a week from now until New Year's.  Things are calming down as our house guests are leaving by the end of the week. 
We have been so blessed (and sometimes stressed) through their stay, but God is good and we hope that groundwork has been laid for a smooth transition.  We will miss them, but are looking forward to having a "somewhat" normal return to our little daily life.

So, drop on over and give me a brief update on how things are for you and yours.  It does not need to be TTWD/DD related, just let Hoss and I know what we've been missing out on.  There is still regular spanking going on here and I will be posting about some of those coming up soon.  I am trying to ease back into the blogging, so please have patience with me.  I miss being here and I miss hearing from all of you!  So even though LOL day is over, if you want to reach out, and say, "Hey," feel free to do so!

And thanks again to Hermione for hosting LOL days again this year!  She did a fantabulous job!


Thursday, November 14, 2019

LOL Days Are Finally Here!

Sometimes as a blogger, I often wonder this.  I mean, really, does what I have to say even matter?  Those that comment are almost always other bloggers stopping by with a friendly, "Hello!"

Well not today, folks! Today and tomorrow are very special days!
It's that time of year again, for us to love on our lurkers!  So here we go!  Just a fair warning before we get too deeply involved here!

So with all of the preliminary warnings in place...let's proceed, shall we?

First, things, first.  I really want you to know that I love hearing from readers.  Even when they only want to say, "Hi!" I enjoy getting to know that there are others who enjoy visiting here.

And well, even though I do not write as often as I would like, because real life takes over...A LOT!
But life is always made better by making new friends and having a great time with the old ones!
And I truly believe....
So lurkers come out of hiding.  Show how great you are! 
 Leave a comment and say, "How do you do!" 
Thanks for stopping by!  And remember 

I hope you are finally at the point to say...
 And leave a comment!
Hugs from Baker and Hoss

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Over His Lap For A Slap Slap Slap

You know when things are really tense?  When it just seems like the whole family is in survival mode?  Maybe you get irritated easier than you normally would...or perhaps people just rub you the wrong way?  Well, I was having a little bit of one of those days earlier this week.  And well, Hoss had a slightly different way of handling things.
Now, I just want to clarify to everyone out there, that I'm typically a very angelic wife (now, no snickering).  Hoss would say and has said often that he enjoys me sassy.  I cannot blame him that he sometimes thinks my sass goes a teeny bit too far (I can hear you giggling from here!)  I like to keep his life as interesting as possible.  I mean a houseful of kids cannot be quite as entertaining as one might think.  Add a quirky wife that has a sassy mouth, and well, things can be far more exciting!

"Okay, I hear you, settle down already and tell the story, Baker."

You all are a rather impatient lot, that's for sure!
The other night we were trying to get caught up on a bit of maintenance.  Well, Hoss has this thing that he does that drives me absolutely wild.

NO!  Not that.  Come on, "Exercising," is pretty wild sometimes, but I'm not talking about that.
No, that man of mine likes to let me, "Pick," my implement.  Now, with a houseful of people that typically screams Lulu (aka Loopy).  But I had no intention of reaching for that horrible thing.  I was not, "feeling it," for Bertha either.  And the thing was we really had minimal people in our home.  The ones that were here were way on the other side of the house and quite deeply engrossed in a movie. I could pretty much choose anything. 

Sigh, I could have picked something loud or quiet.  It truly would not have mattered.  The thing was... I did not want to have anything warm my tushy.  I was tired.  I simply wanted to curl up in bed and go to sleep with my husband cheering on his favorite football team in the background.  For those of you wondering, "Yes, I can sleep when it's loud." 

Well, back to my story.  (I know...finally, right?)  I turned to Hoss and told him as sweetly as possible that I had no interest in picking out an implement of any kind.  That I felt it was best to choose...his hand!

Now, a full on spanking with Hoss' hand has not happened in ages.  It is simply unheard of here.  But I asked and he said, "Sure."  I was thinking Baker you just got off soooo easy!
I was so WRONG!

I do not know if you realize this or not, but a hand spanking....well, for one it hurts more than I remembered.  Secondly, it covers way, way, way more area than either Bertha or Lulu!  Thirdly, I think we both were surprised how red he could turn my bum in just a few slaps of his hand!  The other thing was....wait for it.....

wait for it....

wait for it.....

It also gave us the giggles!  It was actually one of the most delicious spankings I had in a very long time.  He was trying his best to make me squirm then warning me to stay still.  I was trying hard to stay still and not give him the satisfaction of making me wiggle or squeak out an ouch here or there.  We both had a really nice time and it just felt....so right.

And isn't that what it's all about anyway? 

Hope you all are having a spanking good fall!  And for our friends from down under.  I hope your spring has finally sprung!

Monday, September 16, 2019

A Few Simple Words

So last Wednesday was a really rough day for me.  Like super rough.  I did not like myself at all.  We are down to one car right now, so I am driving Hoss into work each day.  This should not be that big a deal and it really is not, but the mornings have been busier than usual because of it.  I was already feeling behind even though we really were not.  I also wanted to chat with a few friends and just be without all the pressures of the world.  Anyways, enough rambling, let me just tell you the story.
I went to make Hoss a quick breakfast and get his lunch made while he took a shower.  No real issue there.  I go to pull the coffee pot out, and realize the kids had left the instapot out from the night before.  In my haste, to get the coffee going, I moved the instapot onto the stove top.  I went about rushing around making breakfast and lunch for my sweet man, but every once in a while I would smell something burning.  I went over several times to check on the coffee and then the burner that had held the eggs.  Nothing.  Nada.  All good.  Finally as I go to look for a coffee cup I see a small bit of steam?  Smoke perhaps?  I stand there looking at our burners trying to figure out if I'd inadvertently spilled something on the burner.  Nope.  Then I look down and the light for one of my rear burners is on.  What?  I quickly realized when I had scooted the instapot over I had also turned the dial on the back burner.  My instapot was melting like the witch from the Wizard of Oz!  I moved it quickly and began to clean up the mess.
As I'm doing the clean up of the stinky sticky plastic mess fear creeps over me like a blanket I could not pull off.  Hoss and I were minutes from leaving our home to take him to work.  Round trip could be 40-45 minutes long.   All of our children and our house guest and her kiddos were sound asleep.  What would have happened had I not realized the blunder I had made.
With a heavy heart I went to tell Hoss what had happened.  His response was surprise, concern, and worry, but he said, "I'm glad you caught it.  It's going to be okay.  Accidents happen."  His words did nothing to dispel my sad heart.  Thinking of all our children and our guests at home while the fire smoldered just made me sick to my stomach.  It hurt my heart in a way I cannot describe.
As the day wore on I kept explaining to Hoss my feelings.  How it really was bothering me.  He kept saying he understood and yes, things could have turned out different, but they did not.  It did little to ease my concerns.  I was aching inside of the "could of, would of, should ofs," that assaulted my brain.  The few blog friends I shared with were all reassuring.  No one thought I deserved to be spanked and from what I could tell from Hoss, he did not plan to, but it did nothing to improve my mood.
That evening, after a long day of beating myself up, Hoss said we needed to talk.  I was for sure he had decided to spank me.  At the very least, to ease my guilt that was overflowing everywhere.  He did not.  He told me something that mended my hurting heart.  That truly expressed to me what he truly thought.

"Baker, you are beating yourself up, but the thing is.  You're the hero in this situation."

"Wait, what????"  Was this man insane?  I almost burned the house down while the kids were sleeping.  What was he thinking.

"You're the hero," he repeated.  "You kept checking until you figured out the problem.  Had you not been insistent things would have turned out so much differently.  I'm thankful you did that."

Now, I was melting like a Popsicle on a hot summer's day.  He knew that I needed to hear that.  He knew it would be better than a spanking to hear that he did not see me as all those horrible things I kept telling myself.   That he still loved me in spite of what I believed about myself.

In that moment, everything was cleared for me.  My man loved me.  That he was proud of me.  And I'm so thankful for him.  In the real world things happen.  I'm just grateful he was able to help me refocus in his gentle, sweet way.  I'm so blessed.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Calling All Readers! Have I Got a Book For You!

As the lazy and hot days of summer draw quickly to an end, my need for comfortable things starts rearing it's head.  Comfortable things that beckon me to focus on them are warm soups and pumpkin pie and hoodies and soccer pants.  I'm not a coffee drinker, but our oldest kids start asking for pumpkin spiced lattes and the younger ones beg for hot chocolate like a friend they have not seen in months. 
Another thing that makes me yearn even more for fall is curling up on a Sunday afternoon and reading a really good book.  Well, even though it is not quite autumn I spent the last few days curling up with a really good book, actually two really good books, by an author I recently became reacquainted with.  Her name is Paige Parsons, and she writes mild DD centered romances.
I am not the book report extraordinaire writer that Miss Ella is, but I will do my best to persuade each of you to look Ms. Parsons' books up on Amazon or where ever it is you find your books to read.
The first of the two books is entitled, The Daddy Arrangement.  The book begins with the main character, Keila, heading off to college and freeing herself from the matriarchs of her family.  She sets out to find herself, and ends up finding out college life and being on her own is harder than it seems.  Keila, then runs into her RA (resident assistant) Brianna, and there the story takes on a life of its own.  Through Brianna, Keila's life makes some definite changes when she meets Jack.  Jack is everything Keila could ever want in a man, but can the 20 something age difference be something she can overlook, and better yet, can he?  I am going to leave it there and remind everyone that there is a second book that follows Jack and Keila's romance, The Girl In Apartment 1203, but you have to read the first one to appreciate the second!
Truly, I enjoyed reading both books, but I'm trying hard not to spoil any part of the story line.  Just know that both books contain mild DD and some sexual references.  Paige describes her style as, "A more layered character development vs. spanking after spanking and sex scene after sex scene."  Her characters are just as she described, multi layered and faceted, genuine and determined.  The first book was so well written that I had a hard time putting it down.  Well, that was until Hoss, told me I had better if I knew what was good for me!  Just teasing, but it was truly an excellent book that I will read again and again like an old friend.  You can also keep up with Paige at  http://www.authorpparsons.com/
So, get that cuppa (as our Aussie friends say) and curl up with Paige Parsons' newest books.  I promise, you will be thankful for the "me time" and enjoy a new author to begin the new season!


Wednesday, July 31, 2019

To Gold Bond or To Not Gold Bond...That Is My Question!

Hoss and I have been trying for two months to figure out something quiet to use for regular correction of yours truly.   (For some reason the man does not see me for the angel I truly am, but that's another post entirely!)  We have a few quiet implements and we have quite a few loud ones as well.  And our home, as you all can imagine, is rarely, if ever, empty of everyone at a given time.  

Well, by chance, today, Hoss may have came up with an absolutely powerful new tool to help yours truly in a way that may be insane to most of you...but desperate times, well as the saying goes, calls for desperate measures.  Let me lay the story out for you as it unfolded and feel free to cry in sympathy (or laugh hysterically) depending on your point of view.
About two weeks ago I purchased myself a lovely new bra.  Now, I am rather particular when it comes to my lingerie, but I know many of you who are as well, so you will truly appreciate my bra dilemma.  I tried it on and loved it right away and was thankful for my new purchase until the weather became my foe.  It had been hot and humid, but truly not that hot and humid most of our summer, until last week.  I noticed my new bra chaffing slightly, so went back to another bra.  Now, yesterday I thought, oh, let me try the new bra again.  Well, as you can imagine the chaffing occurred towards the evening, but no problem...shed that thing later in the afternoon as I had no where to go.   Unfortunately, overnight as I was sleeping I must have rubbed at the spot underneath, "my ladies" and ended up with two red marks.  Ugh!

This is where it gets good folks!

Hoss is a fan of, "the ladies" and I commented this morning that I was still having trouble from the rubbing and I felt it was worse, so he rather willingly checked the problem out.  
"Ah," he said in his manly wisdom, "you need some gold bond to fix that right up."  

"Oh, okay," I said, fully trusting and eager for relief.

STOP LAUGHING....I had no idea what was in store for me!

Hoss pulled out the spray bottle of gold bond that he uses for occasional manly uses and said, "Pull them up!" 

I tried to adjust without making the ladies hurt too badly...oh if I had only known what I was in store for...
(if only I had looked that cute)

The first spray under my left breast gave immediate relief and than by the time he'd moved on to the right one a fire lit under my left breast making me gasp, squeal and dance all at the same time.

"Hold still, I'm not done yet!"  WHAT????  As I pranced and danced and did little circles worst than my best ever spanking dance trying desperately to figure out how to put the fire out....

Now everyone knows my sweet man is usually as helpful as can be, but today...do you know what he did today?  He laughed....a long hilarious going to bust a gut laugh...at me.
Apparently, I know how to put on quite the show.  I'm sure every man out there who has ever used gold bond knows this dance, but I had rarely understood or could appreciate his grimaces as I did today.  So what happened tonight that makes me write you?  

Well, Hoss, decided I needed a second dose of that fire from H-E-double hockey sticks in order for me to "heal properly."  You know what I think, as I danced around and squealed to beat the band?  I think he liked the show.  And apparently...he believes...it was the best correction I have had in a long while and he did not even have to break a sweat.
The big meanie!  Just teasing!  LOL!  Hope you all enjoyed the giggle at my expense!  It's okay to admit it...I thought it was pretty funny too...after, "my ladies, " cooled down!


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

stoppin' in for a quick, "Hello!"

Sorry to everyone that I have not been around lately.  Things are extremely busy.  
I just really wanted to stop in and say, "Hello," to you all.  
DD is hard when you have extra people living in your home.  It's hard to have those special times, spanking times, loving times, any time at all.  
I would love to stop by more often, and I will try to make a concerted effort to make that happen.  We shall see...
I hope you are all doing well.  
And for the friends out there that have been kind in checking up on me.  Thank you!  You do not realize how important it is to have so many around here who have expressed such kindness.  I am grateful for your friendships.  
And if I owe you an email...my apologies.  I am trying to manage my time better.  
And if any of you who are out there are the praying sort, pray that I can learn to hold my tongue with Hoss.  
I'm really struggling with that lately.  
The old me...who I thought was buried deep or had evaporated all together, seems to be trying to creep her ugly head in.  That part of me, I do not enjoy seeing.  I want to see that nasty temper and bad attitude gone...vanished.   
Anyway, that's about all I can share right now.  Thanks for being my sounding board.