Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Thought Provoking Question..........

My sweet Hoss and I were talking awhile back and he asked me a very thought provoking question. Now, I wish to ask it to each of you.  Whether you are a frequent flyer (reader or blogger) or if this is your first time here, I would love it if you would take a moment to respond.  His question really made me pause and think....

If your significant other (in our case this would be Hoss) had brought ttwd/dd to you, would you have agreed to participate?  So basically, Hoss asked me, if he had been the one to want to pursue ttwd/dd would I have agreed to participate?
So, dear friends, I am encouraging each one of you to please, if you read this, to respond.   I really want to know what you all think on this subject.  My sweet man took a great risk and leap of faith to say yes to this lifestyle.  I'm curious if the rest of you, if the shoe was on the other foot, how would you have reacted?  Had it been the other way around would you have gone along with this wild and crazy ride?  I know I told Hoss I would.

And for those of you where it was just an original part of the plan (ie you knew before you got hitched or got together) how did you respond?  Did it take time for you to adjust?  Were you an eager and willing participant from the get go?

So, folks, flood the blog with your take on this question.  There's really no wrong answer to this question, so have at it.  I'd really love to hear your opinions!  Thanks!


For those of you who would prefer to comment privately, I can be found at  I really do want to hear each person's take on this topic.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lilli's Meme

Finally had the time to do a totally fun meme.  Here's Lilli's from These 3: faith hope love.

Who's oldest?  Me, by a whole 15 months.

Who was interested first?  We met on a blind date, so we were both interested at the same time.

Same High school?  No, we lived an hour apart.

Most sensitive?  Depends.  I can be very sensitive at times.  We both tend to wear our hearts on our sleeves.

Worst temper?  Equal here too.  Totally depends on the situation.

More social?  Definitely, Hoss.  I had a meltdown about a women's retreat just a few weeks ago, because I'd have to be around a lot of unfamiliar people.  Hoss walks in and knows everyone!  I kid you not, we cannot go anywhere without him running into at least one person he knows.

Most stubborn?  I'm smiling.  It's me, by far.  I can dig my heels in over the most ridiculous things sometimes.  TTWD has helped alot with this though.

Wakes up first?  We wake up together most days.

Bigger Family?  Hoss has four siblings and I only have one, so obviously him.

Flowers?  He knows I am particular about flowers, so he rarely gives me any.  I do love flowers in the garden though and have grown peonies, roses and sunflowers before as well as others.
Who cooks the most?  I do almost all the cooking and baking here.  If he is making anything, even to grill, I'm usually helping by seasoning the meat or veggies.  Grilling and smoking items is something he has a knack for, so that's his contribution.

Cries more?  Hoss.  I am not known to cry often.

Said I love you first?  Probably Hoss.  He says those words easily, always.  I was not raised hearing it daily, so it's been nice to hear those sweet words and say them often.
Better singer? Um, our oldest kids got blessed with all of the vocal skills.  Lol.  We both like to sing, but our voices are very average.

Better driver? He would say him, but I think he's a distracted driver.  I hate to drive and always do better telling (or used to) him how to drive.

Hogs the remote?  Remote, I do not think I'm ever allowed to touch that thing, let alone use it.  I'm not a TV watcher though, so between him and kids, no chance I'm getting to touch one anytime soon.

Better cook?  Me.  Better baker too, not that he minds.

Clothes And Shoe Hoarder?  Believe it or not he has way more shoes and clothes then I do.

Thanks again for the meme, Lilli!  It was a lot of fun to do.  Hope everyone is doing well and having a lovely "hump" day (for more reasons than its just Wednesday)!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Cassie's Challenge

I have a lovely friend I would like to share with you.   Well, she’s lovely as long as she is not coming up with crazy ideas that seem to find me in trouble at every turn.  I have a reader that I have been conversing with for about three months (shortly after I began blogging.) We have heaps of things in common and well, she's quite the terrible influence on this angel of a girl (wink wink).  Let’s say Bea has quite the humorous side.  Let me share a little tale of mischief with you all and before you say I told you so, I know, but this one was too hard to resist.

Hoss and I are back on our low carb diet (I have a very love hate relationship with this diet, but I’m slowly coming around).  Well, a few weeks back we were both having a sweet tooth and craving some ice cream. 
We decided to head over to Wal-mart and pick up some low carb ice cream. Leaving our oldest children in charge we headed out.  Well, let’s just say that whenever Hoss and I find ourselves in a store together one of us gets distracted.  After scouring the yogurts and other dairy items my phone buzzed to say I had an email.  I checked and it was my trouble maker friend, Bea.  I told her Hoss and I were having a mini date. She quickly responded back and before you know it we were chatting back and forth until she found out we were at Wal-mart.  I could feel her excitement radiate through the phone when she announced, “You should so do the Cassie implement challenge with him there!”  

Wait a minute.  No, not going there.  For those of you who have no idea who Cassie is and for those who may have forgotten this little part of her story I will share this little tidbit with you.  In Ms. PK Corey’s first book, Cassie’s Space, Cassie and her friends: Sue, Beth and Annie are trying to convince Cassie to go to a sex toy shop with them.  Now, Cassie has to honor Tom’s request to stay away from such places and when the girls become insistent Cassie informs the girls that she can find ten items at Wal-mart in less than 20 minutes.  Well, at my suggestion, Bea had read all of Ms. Corey’s books, and with Cassie’s influence that day my sweet friend became downright devilish on me.  

Back to my story.  Bea suggested I tell Hoss about the challenge and go find some of those implements Cassie suggested.  I sweetly declined Bea’s request.  She was persistent and continued emailing me suggesting that Hoss would become suspicious and want to know what we were rapidly emailing back and forth about if she kept pestering me.   She also added that should I take her up on that challenge he should use an implement a day for the next ten days.  Sigh, it was fate when he told me to put my phone away.  We hardly ever shop together and he wanted me to spend the time with him and not on my phone.  I smiled and nodded and said I was going the next aisle over to the find the ice cream, temporarily tucking my phone away in my coat pocket.   My sweet friend, Bea, was like a dog with a bone with me.  I am gullible and pulled my phone right out at the next ding.  Sure enough I was on my phone when he rounded the corner.  Hoss then suggested we look at purchasing a cutting board about “yay big” showing me with his hands, in other words, he would find one the size of my bum.  I politely declined and returned to my email, giggling as I responded.  I can be a slow learner some days.

By now, the man is feeling a little disgruntled (and I am certain he was dying of curiosity) that our little mini date was being interrupted and requested my phone.  I hesitated and he suggested the cutting board again adding he would love to try it out in the store to see if it fit my bum. Really? Um, no thank you, sir. Well, I handed that phone over lickety split.  He read through and started asking questions.  I explained the story about Cassie to him and I assured him, repeatedly, that there were no need to do the Cassie challenge then and there.  We had enough toys at home. He loved the idea of trying out an implement for the next ten days. Nah, that would not work he said, the next ten hours.  Or maybe better yet ten minutes per implement.  Yes, well, that went downhill quick, now did it not?   At least, I think he was joking, hmmm....

Not to be mean, but thank the good Lord above Hoss' back was sore and he was ready to grab the ice cream and go.  By the way, his mood was not helped because they only carry the vanilla ice cream and he had his heart set on chocolate.  My mood was helped considerably that I survived without him deciding Cassie’s purchases would be fun to add to our collection or the way he might have chosen to use said implements.  So, thankfully, I was able to escape adding new “fun” implements to our repertoire.  Between Bea and Cassie I was fortunate to come out of that little challenge unscathed.  I was not so lucky the next time I participated in a challenge with Bea.  Another post perhaps?

So thank you to Ms. PK Corey for allowing me to borrow Cassie for this post.  I do hope Cassie had fun coming out to play.  For those of you who have not been blessed enough to read, Cassie’s Space, I would highly recommend the book and the series that follows.  Here’s the Amazon link if you are interested: Cassie's Space 

And to Bea, thanks for letting me share our story.  I had fun and for once, no bottom was spanked for one of our zany challenges.

Finally, thanks to Cat who walked me through a “blogger for dummies” by helping me with step by step pages so now I have my email up on my blog.  Your help was much appreciated!