Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tommy Boy

My Hoss is a movie lover from way back. Me, not so much.  He loves a good comedy and apparently there is a classic that I have only recently been introduced to. Well, actually, I’ve only been introduced to a snippet of it.  See the other day Hoss was a wee bit disappointed with yours truly.  

I wanted desperately to find a way out of the situation, but to no real avail.  He hugged me around the waist and then his hands wandered down a bit more.  

He said, “I’m going to warm you up real good… and here….” 

Yeah, that did not sound good.

Then something must have clicked in that brain of his because the next thing I knew is he said, “It’s going to hurt right here, but here and here, not so much,” as he moved his hands over my bum and upper thighs.  

Then he started laughing.  I obviously did not get the context of his excitement.  

He said, “Have you not ever seen the movie, Tommy Boy?”  

Me, “Um, no, why?”  

“Here, let me show you.”  He pulled out his phone and showed me the following snippet.  (If you cannot view the clip, then try googling YouTube, Tommy Boy, Why I Suck As A Saleman.) Tommy Boy

Yeah, let’s say he thought himself very funny.  Me, yeah, definitely not so much!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pushing Reset

So, you all know I've been a bit absent (not just absent minded, but truly absent). Things have been very crazy around here and though I'd love to go into detail, I cannot.  Just know that I have not forgotten to post, that things have just been such that I have not had the time or the energy to stay in touch much here.  I do miss it and so, I'm going to do my best to get back on track.  So, without further ado, here is something that I have been mulling around for a while to post.
It was a typical Thursday evening.  One that we were all at home, but the kids were watching a show upstairs and Hoss requested I come and spend some time with him.  I, at first, informed him that I was busy, but a short time later I was able to crawl up in bed next to him.  He was on his phone and I went to get mine out.  We often play online word games together on our phones, so I was checking to see if he had played "his turn."  He told me to put my phone away.  I did and looked at him, not sure what he wanted.   Without looking my way he informed me to go get SID.  

SID? I have not shared with you about SID, have I?  SID was an impulse buy on my part thinking it looked like a harmless cute little icing spatula.  I had seen something similar and thought, aw, what a perfect little spanking toy.  Just right for play.  THAT THING IS NOT FOR PLAY!  I know...I know.... you all already knew that.

Back to the bedroom and his little nonchalant remark to get SID.  I began to sputter.  "What?  What did I do?"  Now, those of you who have read here before know I am a sassy girl at the best of times and I can be downright sarcastic in the right conditions, but truly I had been doing well.  No issues or problems that day that I could possibly think of.  I was racking my brain when he told me to, "Quit stalling and go get SID."  Oh, for those of you who do not know what SID stands for, "Silent Implement of Discipline."   

I dragged my feet and located SID and climbed back on the bed.  My fate sealed for no reason that I could figure.  I asked again, "What is wrong?" He put down his phone and said quietly, "You know how stressed you've been since your cousin passed away last week.  You've been burning the candle at both ends and not sleeping, so I'm just going to help to reset you, that's all."  

Relief flooded over me.  Literally relief before he even started.  I had not slept more than a few hours each night in over a week.  I had helped arrange the funeral at our church as well as the dinner and though the funeral had been over a few days I was plagued by worry and concern for my cousin's family and especially her children.  My Hoss knew this and wanted me to have some much needed rest.  He pulled me over his lap and spanked with that quiet and stingy little spatula as he told me how proud he was of me and he knew I needed this, and how much he hoped it relaxed me.   It was a good reset.  A much welcomed one.

I did actually fall right to sleep.  I slept hard and was relaxed.  Like a good HOH, he had been watching me and knew my needs better than I did.  I have to say, we have learned so much in the last year.  We have grown and are in such a better place than we were one year ago.  I was very happy that Hoss realized my need, even though I had not, and took action.  It was comforting to know he had my back. 

Thank you to those who wished us a Happy Anniversary and thank you for reading.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Too Close For Comfort, Growing Pains and Different Strokes

So Hoss and I are happily celebrating our first year of dd this month as well as 15 years of marriage.
We were spending some nice quiet time without the kids.  Hoss and I were just sitting next to one another on the bed having a nice bit of chitchat about a bunch of stuff.

He pipes up and says, "Why don't we try out the different implements?"  Meaning let's experiment a bit with the toys in the drawer.  I kind of shook my head as that was not exactly the kind of quiet time I was hoping for.  I was thinking way too long a day to start that kind of play time.

He smiled and said,
"Diff'rent Strokes for different folks," as I kept shaking my head.  

His smile widened and he added, "What?"

 "Eight is Enough?" 

as he lifted his eyebrows trying to get a response from me.

I giggled and sat up a bit and added, 

"How about we discuss...."The Facts of Life?'"  

He smiled broader.  (A bit of a side note we are both word game freaks and are uber competitive with one another when playing any kind of thing that can be turned into a test of skills.)

The game was on!  So the competition was fierce as we both sought to out do the other coming up with the names of sitcoms and dramas from years past that could be twisted and manipulated to relate to DD/TTWD.

Hoss spoke up first with MASH, as in, my bum getting mashed by him.  
Yeah, real funny, I know!

I quickly smiled and asked him, "Hmmm?"  
"Who's the Boss?"

He gave me the look. 

I said, "Um, Growing Pains?"

He liked that one a lot better because we both know "Who the Boss" really is around here. 
Nope, no need to question that one.

I giggled as he added,
 "Family Ties"
A bit tied up maybe?  Maybe not....

and then he had the nerve to add
 "Rawhide" to the mix. 

 Seriously, Rawhide????  
Who wants one of those? 
Okay, I'll admit it,
Yeah, me!  LOL!

Wonder Years 
was one we felt applied quite well to the last year as we explored DD/TTWD.

There were times I wanted to yell, 
"Emergency" as my bum was lit on fire.  

And there were definitely times we took it 
"One Day At A Time"

We were always 
"Mad About You"

And there were plenty of 
"Happy Days" 

  "Good Times"

There were times we were, 
"The A Team" 

"Bosom Buddies"

But a few times he felt I was 

 or in the 
"Twilight Zone" 

or even occasionally, 
"Too Close for Comfort"

In which I in turn felt he was, 
"Breaking Bad" 

and I truly needed to,

"Get Smart"

There were times that we were on, 
"The Love Boat"

as our love,

or we found ourselves, 

"Twin Peaks" 

"Northern Exposure-s"

Thankfully through TTWD/DD we no longer have to worry about 
"Night Court" 

or having too many, 

"Family Matters" 

as we are definitely the best of,

Our list was finally exhausted, but perhaps you all have some to add to it.  

So, maybe it was not the sexiest way to enjoy our Happy Anniversary, but trust us, it was a
"Bonanza" of a good time.


--Hoss and Baker

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter!

Thought I'd pop in to wish you all a lovely Easter!

Hoping each of you have a little bit of spanking fun and of course chocolate galore!

Have a great day with family and friends or seek some peace and quiet and relax.

Have a blessed day!

--Baker and Hoss

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

YES! I Have Answers!

Yes, I am finally answering your questions!

Well, you folks totally outdid yourselves with your questions.  I am excited to dig deep and answer all that I can.  It has taken me quite some time to answer all of these, so hopefully you will enjoy my answers to these thought provoking questions.

Let's start with Roz and her two questions.

Question 1: What is the biggest change you have noticed in both Hoss and yourself since embracing ttwd?

I know that Hoss has told me several times I never, ever let him have a voice before we began ttwd and now he knows when he speaks, I listen.  (Well as least the majority of the time I do.  He would definitely say I've improved.)  I would agree with his statement.  I'd say on my end that I am less controlling and more willing to open up to him and let him help me.

Question 2: Who brought ttwd to the table, you or Hoss?

I did.  He was against it at first, but was willing to try if it would help our marriage.   DD helped us to reconnect on so many levels and brought us much closer together over the past 11 months.

Now, onto sweet Abby's questions.

Question 1: You find a dirty old lamp, shine it up and a genie appears to grant you wishes...2 for you and 1 for hubby...what are they?

Wow, um, not sure how I would answer that.  Honestly as I can, I guess.  Okay, Hoss went first on this one.  He said he'd ask for a home large enough for everyone to have their own room (children would never have to share) and acreage with a pond, wooded area, etc.  I'd say mine would be to fulfill my dream of writing a novel someday and for my cousin (who died recently) to be alive and home with her husband, children and family right now.  Sorry, but that's where I'm at right now on that.  When I told Hoss the third answer he kissed me and said I have a kind heart.  To be honest, it's more selfish, wanting to remove a great deal of pain we are going through right now.

Question 2: How did you and hubby meet?

We met on a blind date.  My best friend, also a co-worker at the time, and her husband set us up.  He knew Hoss from work and approached him knowing we had similar interests.  After the first date we began talking daily and had a second date within the week.  I was captivated by his presence and loved being with him every second I could.

From my bestie, Seetheway.

Question: What's your favorite thing about being submissive?

I love being his.  I love when he holds me and tenderly rubs my back.  When he tells me how proud he is of me.  Or when he is being very dominating (which is something he sometimes struggles with as he wants to be fair) and that makes me feel priceless.  Those things melt me and make me want to please him more.

From Miss Cat.

Question: I'm asking everyone the same question that was asked of me several years ago...What four people (and their spouse/partner), living or dead, would you invite for an evening of drinks and dinner?

Let's see.  I would definitely want my grandparents from my mom's side.  Still breaks my heart that they are gone.  Harriet Tubman, because she showed such courage during a difficult time.  Cassie and Tom (I know they are fictional, but really who wouldn't want to have them over for dinner?) Last one, um, such a hard choice between a few different people.  I think maybe my sweet friend, Bea, and her hubby, would be fun to round off the group.  By the way, no drinks, but dinner and dessert.  I'll take some steak, twice baked potatoes, a side salad with honey mustard and for dessert a lovely piece of red velvet cake for me, please and thank you!

These are two questions from Sweet Ella:

Question 1: What is one thing about yourself that you really dislike? 

Ella, it would be hard to choose just one.  So I will not confine myself to the rule of one.  I'd say my lack of organization or maybe, my quick temper would be the ones I struggle with the most.  The ones I want to change the most.  These areas I had fairly under control prior to marriage and having a ton of kids.  Now, they are the areas that upset and embarrass me the most about myself.

Question 2: Do you ever hope that ttwd will be able to help you conquer it?

Hoss has already been helping me to work on both of these issues.  I know the organization (or lack thereof) is the one he seems to target the most.  He really feels like it effects our days the most and I would so agree.  My temper is one that he is also helping me to curb, but that is harder as it is not as easy to predict what may send me over the deep end.

Questions from down under with Ms. Lindy:

Question #1: My question for you even though you are reasonably new to TTWD have you noticed any changes its made yet? 

We are most definitely closer.  We fuss at each other some, but not near as often.  We find that our "exercise" time has increased greatly.  Fun loving happens regularly and often compared to the "lack of exercise" we use to engage in.  

Question #2: What's your favourite part of TTWD. 

Well, this one is hard.  I like most things.  It's probably easier to say that I do not like being in trouble.  I'd rather things be nice, smooth and calm.  So I guess that's what I like best, when things are nice, smooth and calm.

Question #3: How do you manage it with children in the house?

It's very hard.  We have a good number of children and the rule of thumb is to do any spanking related activities early in the morning.  Like 5 a.m. usually works for us, but there are two night during the week that are available due to all the kids being away for church related activities.  So, we have time, it's just hard.  I almost always have to wait and there are times that is excruciating.  

Now, questions from across the pond from Ronnie!

What is your favorite spanking implement and why?

Mine would definitely be the flogger.  Why, because he only uses it for nice, sweet, good girl spankings.  Hoss would answer Bertha the (Evil) Bath Brush.  Seriously, recently I told him that was his mistress.  Yeah, I would not recommend saying that if you value sitting down.  It did not turn out pretty.

Did you have a childhood ambition? Did you achieve it?

I wanted to be a mom and I've done that several times over.  I also wanted to work in some sort of "helping" field and I did that before I became a mom and began to stay home with our kiddos.  Last goal is to be a writer and someday, when things calm down, I may get to do that as well.

(I usually give my children this stare when I'm done for the day)

Questions from our lovely Katie T:

Question #1: What new things have you discovered about yourself since starting ttwd? 

I would say I'm more open to physical affection.  I still get "touched out" some days, but so much better had being hugged, cuddled and the like.  I love that I have relaxed in this area and so does my man.  

Question #2: What would your husband say you have worked hard at to change since incorporating ttwd in your lives? 

Listening to him, giving him a voice.  That is something he's repeatedly said he loves, but also loves that I want to be with him more intimately now.  Our sex life has improved the most.

Question #3: What would your hubby say that you need put more effort into in terms of your submission, if anything? 

He has a lot to say on this area.  I'm sure he could write an essay on it.  Hoss was just saying this morning that he really wishes I would follow through on things.  He says I talk a good talk at what I want to change, but it's very hard to follow through.  I claim that I'm easily distracted, but in truth it has more to do with personality wise I'm slow to change and what I see as progress he does not necessarily find as progress.

Question #4: Have your children ever caught you in a spanking moment?

LOL.  Once, last summer, our youngest came in right after we'd finished a bit of a fun spanking.  I was still laying on the bed, clothes back in place, but on my belly, relaxing.  He came in, jumped up on the bed and started to spank me, giggling the whole time.   Hoss and I burst out laughing.  He obviously had heard something, but we had been giggling and laughing, so he apparently thought we'd been having a tickle fight.  We often "play spank" the kids during a tickle war, so he wanted to join in.  Let's just say it was at that time that we moved to early morning times for those kind of adventures.

Some really good questions from Ms. Annabelle:

Question  #1:So who brought TTWD to the relationship and why?

As I said above with Roz, I am guilty of bringing ttwd to the table.  The why is very complicated, but I will do my best to sum it up for everyone.  About two years ago this summer, I began to go through a significant period of depression.  While reading some stuff on the internet I came across domestic discipline.  Looked into it and a few months later brought it to my man for a fun way spice up our love life.  Then in late April of last year I approached him about it being more away of life.  

Question #2, #3 and #4: What happens when your man is plain wrong? Does he admit it? Or do you point it out to him and how does that make you feel?

Let's see, Hoss is never wrong.  LOL, totally just kidding.  He actually is really good about admitting when he is wrong and trying to fix it.  When I have to point something out to him I have to tread carefully though.  It has more to do with our history and me not wanting him to feel I'm pointing out "all" the wrongs he has ever done.  If I'm sweet and respectful than it's usually fine with both of us.  I think that might answer that question.

Thank you all for participating and I hope I did not totally bore you with my answers.  If you were unable to ask me a question before or just thought one up feel free to drop me an email.