Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Answering Your Thought Provoking Questions (Round 2)

Here we go again, woot woot!  Second set of questions coming right up...

Yes, I know, I should have had this out before the end of March, but life marched right all over my plans, so you get the April version.  It's all good.

So without further adieu, here we go.

Fondles asks this thought provoking question:

"Hurray.  You know I'm asking everyone this - Would you name 3 implements that are employed regularly (or have been in the past) besides the hand, on your behind, and rank them in order of preference pls:)"

Okay, well I believe most of you know, prior to me getting sick that Bertha and Loopy were definitely the most used implements.  Since then though we have found I have not gained the tolerance for those particular implements.  We are not sure if that is due to my medications or just needing more time to recuperate, or what exactly.  So right now his hand or a wooden spoon are just about it.  

Going back to your question though, I would say that Bertha still ranks as one of our favorites.  I know, a bath brush should not be considered a favorite.  Except in our case it is because it was one of our first implements we tried.  Why?  I would have to see if I blogged out why we choose Bertha, but we did.  

Loopy is way down on my list of favorite.  If I cursed this would be the one implement that would have the most wretched name imaginable, but I don't curse, so I digress.  Loopy hurts.  Let's just say that and we will pretend Loopy does NOT exist.

So you know my top favorite (Bertha) and my least favorite (Loopy), but I would have to say the few times I've experienced the belt or a strap I'd say I actually liked the feel of those.  The sensation is different and I feel like the burn is less stingy.  I can deal with thud better than a stingy sensation.  Like when we tried a plastic hanger (always looking for something super quiet due to kids being around) I hated the sting.  It was awful.  I can handle a hanger if I'm wearing jeans because it hurts, but doesn't feel like someone just dipped my bum in scalding hot water.  I hope that makes sense.  Wow, that was long winded.  Sorry about that.

Okay the other question I have to answer is from Ronnie.  Ronnie asks, "Baker hi, I cost was not a factor, where in the world would you and Hoss most like to visit?"

I would definitely say that Hoss and I really have discussed going to Alaska.  But our (got to fly there) would be Australia as Lindy is there (and a short plane ride to New Zealand to visit Roz).  We love the idea, but again, I believe I may have mentioned it before, the fear of flying is a bit overwhelming for me.  Hoss has flown a few times before, but it truly scares me to death.  

So there you all have it.  A little bit of Q and A has come to an end.  I'm doing my best to get into the land every few days, but last week just got away from me.  I will try harder this week.  Hugs to you all and thanks so much for stopping in.  Bye!