Monday, November 1, 2021

Neglected Blog, Again

Ugh, I've all but left everyone out in the cold, abandoned, neglected.  I feel awful that I have not been around to blog, comment or anything, but I also know that my energies are going toward my husband and family, to the here and now, to healing to my fullest.

My sweet Hoss and I are still chugging along learning even after five and a half years living this lifestyle.  I wish I had a particularly interesting spanking story with some sort of moral lesson to share.  I mean that's what I should be blogging about anyways, right?  I do need to keep the blogging up, it's good for me.  It definitely helps me process through all the interesting things I learn through this process.  

Today is our five year blogging anniversary.  I know I am not here like I should be, but I do think of my friends and readers often and wish I could be here more.  Thanks for all of those who have hung with us, prayed for us, and loved and commented over the last five years.

So Happy Blogiversary to our little blog in blogland!

Hugs and lots of love,

--Hoss and Baker