Thursday, March 30, 2017

Well, That Got My Attention!

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve felt like sharing a good story from my life.  This one has been tormenting me for a few days, asking to be written.  So I’m going to do my best to share it and hopefully it will lay itself to rest after getting it all out there.  
My brood, give or take a few!

This past weekend found me mothering our brood alone.  It happens occasionally around here of a weekend, but not very often.  I like my man to be home, but an overnight away is just something that happens.  I had not felt well Saturday afternoon.  
PMS was in full swing and well, it was chilly and damp outside and I curled up in my bed and ignored my responsibilities.  My children are old enough to fend for themselves and I answered several questions on food choices, TV shows and the like, but for the most part I slept or read my afternoon away.  No problem really.  Nothing was on the schedule that had to be done.  It was a great day overall, except for one big thing that is a source of frustration for me.
(Yeah, that, but sometimes...)

Those children of ours have absolutely no concept at how messy they really are nor did I give it much thought Saturday night.  Unfortunately, this would not even occur to me until the next morning when I ventured out of my little hiding spot to find my kitchen in absolute ruins.  Okay, the main things were still standing, but dishes covered the kitchen table, counters and the sink seemed to have been the source of the overflow.  This happens anytime I am under the weather and they are allowed access to the kitchen.  Still it was irritating because I should have checked before the people went to bed to make sure they had at least made an attempt at restoring order to my very out of order kitchen.  Kids are always trying to fly under the radar and well, as Hoss reminds me, kids will try to get away with any and everything they can.  

Well, the man had returned in the wee hours of the morning and was still asleep, so I bit my tongue at the mess and hustled people around for church.  After church is where this story took a turn for the worse.  
I came home and Hoss was at the computer desk trying to catch up on some things.  I came up and began calling children to come and help.  Okay, I was ranting and fussing at people to get their bodies in the kitchen to help me clean up so that I could make lunch.  I was a bit “testy”, (okay understatement of the century) but I quickly turned from fussing to yelling and well, then somewhere in the midst of my rant I heard a voice call my name.  

Um, no it was not a sweet child calling for their mommy.  Nope, it was a big man, calling me to him. A big HOH of a man, who was not happy with his wife destroying the peace of the family by pitching a royal fit over something that really in the grand scheme of things could be easily fixed.  I told him to wait.  I was not done yelling at people.  (Just so you know this is not advice here, I'd probably be the worse person to ask for advice in a situation such as this.)
I could have asked to do this....

He left the computer and made a beeline to where I was in the kitchen.  Calmly asking me to take a chill pill.  I would love to say I took a deep breathe and answered kindly, I did not.  (I hear you all shaking your heads right now, just wait, it gets worse.)
So should have done this....

I sort of turned on him.  He said, “Why don’t we discuss this downstairs without listening ears?:”  Naively, I agreed because I’m sure I could persuade him at this point to hear my side.  I kept talking at this point, trying to explain my point of view.  He told the kids to do a few things and then we headed to our room to talk.  We went a floor away and on the other side of the house for our “discussion”.  Who was I kidding? There was not much discussion to be had.  
Now, typically, we have a bit of a rule that we deal with things when the children are not home, outside, or sleeping.  Let’s say he made a bit of an exception reminding me quickly and rather firmly that yelling at our children in temper is not acceptable and would not be tolerated.   After a very short amount of hard swats I came up agreeing that yes, that I’d disrupted the quiet restful afternoon and I’d be remedying that like, um, now.   To tell you the truth, for once it did not take much to get my head wrapped around what he was saying.
I did not dare suggest that....

Then I was fretting that the children may have heard though and he assured me they could not.  He’d been quiet.  I had been quiet (well the mattress heard everything, but it’s not telling). The kids were far enough on the other side of the house carrying on in the noisy kitchen.  So after some cuddling and a lot of reassurance I took a deep breathe (the one I should have taken to calm myself down before we had made the trip downstairs) and we ventured back upstairs to handle the situation together, without yelling.  
Funny thing was my submission was at a high level all day.  I felt no need to argue or fuss and my heart felt nothing but love towards him.  I was deeply impressed by his quick and decisive actions.  It was such a relaxed afternoon and lunch was delicious.  The fuss I had made took less than 30 minutes to clean up once we all pitched in and helped and though it pushed lunch back a bit it was well worth it.  I was able to return and talk calmly and enjoy some nice time with the kids and not feel I was a horrible mom for losing it.  Our kids never blinked or questioned where we had gone, they were just happy their mom was back and apparently her sanity had been restored.  I do think that the few times that he has taken care of things right then and there is when we have seen some of our greatest growth.  
As a side note.  I am still taking questions for March's Q and A and plan on getting a post on those out soon.  Thanks for stopping by.  

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Time for some Questions....

I'll be honest.  I have absolutely no idea how this is suppose to be done in a cool, chic, or classy way, so I'm going to do it Baker style. I've heard around blogland that apparently March is a sort of Question and Answer month.  Now, I love a good Q and A session as much as the rest of you, but have no idea what to ask others on their blogs, so I feel a bit hypocritical asking others to ask me questions. Then I began to realize that I have not been around for very long, so maybe that makes it easier to come up with questions to ask me.   Who knows?  I guess we shall see, won't we?

{Side note: To be truthful, I have no idea, if I'm making sense right now.  It's late and I rarely blog anything at night because, well, I'm not a night owl at all, but I'm kind of fussing about something and so I'm awake because I cannot shut my mind off and sleep.  Sorry, I cannot really share what I'm fussing about, but I just am in a bit of a funk that makes everyone around me frustrate or rub me wrong, well at least today they did.  I'm sure it will pass by the morning.  That is, as long as I can get a few hours of sleep.}  

So, what was I talking about again?  Oh, yeah, I would love to make an attempt at seeing what others would like to know about me, or Hoss and me.  I'm actually kind of curious about some of you as well.   So, I have decided, I will have a few questions that you all can answer along with your questions, and then on Friday or Saturday I'll post my responses.  How does that work for everyone?  I get to go first! So my questions are: 

What is your favorite flower?

 Do you see yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? 

And finally, do you feel you've reached a level of submission or dominance that you are happy with at this time?  

So, I guess my little question and answer is really a bit of a play on the game at hand.  (Smiling)  I truly cannot wait to hear your answers as well as your questions.  Now, carry on, you all have a bit of an assignment to do.  

Oh, by the way, I'd especially like to hear from you silent readers out there.  I know you may have a question you would love to ask, but have not jumped in and spoke up before.  I can remember having a bazillion questions to ask and not knowing who to ask or if someone would think I was silly for asking.   Yes, been there and done that.  

So that goes for everyone, feel free to pull up a chair and say "Hey, let's talk about...." I'd love to hear from you!  


Friday, March 24, 2017

Mister Spanks A Lot

I love my hubby, but I’m learning something on this journey that drives me a bit bonkers some days. When we began discussion on this spanking biz, about 11 months ago, he was adamantly against it. Discussions continued and finally things began to happen.  Let’s just say he went from a man who was extremely cautious to a spank happy freak!  Okay, maybe not a freak, but definitely his inner spanko has been revealed.
So, as things have progressed we have learned quite a bit about one another and things that work and things that do not.  He has named implements and ways to spank.  I’m sure they are all familiar with you, but I thought for the fun of it I’d share a bit about the different spanks we have discovered along the way for your reading pleasure.  Feel free to jump in at the end and let me know your least favorite and most enjoyable variety.

Rapid Fire

Of course this is very self explanatory.  Rapid fire means he is going to town on my bum in a quick and decisive fashion.  It is one that hurts and makes me squirm and screech.  One you cannot get away from or catch your breath as the smacks rain down.  Ugh, not fun at all.

Gentle Pats and Taps
These of course are warm ups to bigger things to come.  A gentle caress to warm up for some sweet loving is always welcome.  Or maybe this may come as a reminder to calm myself, everything is good. Regardless, these do not hurt and are typically fun and at times done in jest.  They can also be found when we are in a deep hug where he taps lightly to remind me I’m his.  Yup, good gentle pats and taps.

Hard and Sharp, the Reminder
This is usually one or two that are just plain hard and sharp like I said.  They hurt and are usually felt over jeans or pants.  These are those warnings that suggest that bigger things are to come if I do not calm down.  Some days that is all I need, other times, well, you know, sometimes I have a bit of trouble refocusing. and well, he has ways to help with that, if you get my drift?

Slow and Steady
Another series of ouchie swats, but they are slow, deliberate and usually super hard.  They are not fun at all category.  These are usually done with something wood and well, we all know what wood feels like.  I’m not talking a wooden spoon here ladies, usually something with a bit more behind it.  Also, these are typically punctuated with a question, that I’m expected to answer, um, without sass. Something that makes sense to the situation.  Not always doable, folks,  Just saying….
The Good Girl, Sexy Warm Up
Yes, warm ups are right up there with gentle pats and taps.  It’s fun time with a warm up and usually has to do with a leather flogger that is definitely my friend.  Just realized that flogger needs a nice sexy name....need to suggest that to my sweet Hoss.

Fluid Shock Wave
TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST. This one is my least favorite, if you cannot tell.  This is where he literally sticks it to me.  Swat, stick.  OUCH!  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  Just so you know it’s usually a lesson that is driven home literally.   If you have not guessed it, this one happens when things in Baker’s world have gone awry and I'm in for it.  The lecture typically begins with me having been sassy or disrespectful….  Need I say more?

So, do you have ones to add to my list.  Don’t share them with Hoss, just me.  I promise I do not need anymore of the ouchie variety, but I would love some additional good ones to add to my list. Thanks everyone for stopping by and I hope you comment and share your thoughts!


Monday, March 6, 2017

Follow Up and Abby's Meme

Thank you for everyone who took the time to respond to my last post, A Thought Provoking Question.  I learned a great deal from your different perspectives. If you have yet to leave your thoughts please do.  I really think we can learn a great deal from one another.  Also PK at New Beginnings had her own 'thought provoking question' that deserves its own comments.  Check it out, if you have not already.

So, onto Abby's meme from Finallly Finding Me

Early bird or night person?  I am by far an early bird.  Even with kids I find it hard to stay up too late.  If I had my choice I'd be in bed at like 8, but more likely it's 10 now that we have teenagers who think it's better to stay up all hours.
Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry?  All of the above!

Summer or winter?  I like winter better if I have to choose.  I really prefer fall or spring to be honest. Less extreme.

Hearty breakfast or just coffee?  No coffee.  NEVER, ever coffee.  Sorry, guys, just do not like the taste. Um, light breakfast, if I eat too heartily then I might as well go back to bed and sleep it off:)

Bright or muted colors?  I guess muted because I love soft greens and yellows best.

Pie or cake?  Must we choose?  I mean really here, it's dessert.  I'll have pumpkin pie and red velvet cake, please!  Throw in some ice cream while we're at it.  Or maybe a bit of lemon meringue or key lime pie.  Brownies, anyone. Hmmm, maybe pie is preferred, I listed more there....okay, pie.

Seaside vacation or fun in a big resort or city?  Okay, wow, this one is harder than Lilli's because I have to choose.  Neither.  I love a hike in the woods or mountains.  I burn easily, so I'm not sure the beach is the best place for me and I do not like crowds of people.  I am not following the rules of this meme well, sorry, Abby.

Dog or cat lover?  Both.  We have three boxers and two tortoise shell cats, so both.  I like chickens too, does that count?

Short or long hair?  So, mine is usually longish.  It's always been past my shoulders and I usually wear it in a ponytail.  My mom asked me once if I'd wear a ponytail when I was old and gray.  I said I'm planning on it, except I've decided mine will be white.  My grandma on my dad's side had beautiful white hair and that's what I'm striving for!

Leather or wood?  Um, leather.  But Hoss so prefers wood, so I'm more accustomed to that.

Baseball or football fan?  Baseball if I had to choose.

Spa day or a day shopping with a friend?  Definitely, shopping with a friend.   I love one on one time with one of my friends or one of my daughters.  Wow!  Answered three in a row without difficulty, do I get a surprise?  Maybe I can follow the rules a bit.

Live concert or movie?  Let's just say I do not like crowds or lots of noise.  So, I'm going with movie in bed with my man.

Wrap a gift with paper and bow or a gift bag?  I do both depending on what I have available at the time. Also, not very good at either.  My sister got the ability to wrap things beautifully gene.  Just be happy it's not a Walmart sack some days.  Sorry, back to not following the rules again.

Help build a snowman or stay inside and make hot chocolate?  I usually stay outside long enough to snap pictures of my kids and then go make hot chocolate and puppy chow.

Four seasons or California climate?   Four seasons all the way!

Driver or passenger?  Passenger with Hoss, almost always.  Drive a ton with the kids, so I guess I do driver more often.

Pajamas or a night gown?  How about a pair of sweats?  I like nightgowns in the summer and jammies in the colder months with a robe or hoodie sometimes as Hoss keeps the house at a temperature he enjoys.  Though thanks to some encouragement I am working on simply relying on Hoss to provide the heat, if you get my drift.

Bake a cake or go to your favorite bakery?  I typically make the cake, but we have done bakeries in a pinch.

Theater night...musical or drama?  I love a good musical.

Okay, Abby, that one was really harder then I thought.   Sorry I went a bit meme happy at the end.  Two thoughts.  Now, I'm hungry and want pie.  Secondly, I'm apparently not in a rule following mood, but this was fun!  Thanks, Abby!