Sunday, March 26, 2017

Time for some Questions....

I'll be honest.  I have absolutely no idea how this is suppose to be done in a cool, chic, or classy way, so I'm going to do it Baker style. I've heard around blogland that apparently March is a sort of Question and Answer month.  Now, I love a good Q and A session as much as the rest of you, but have no idea what to ask others on their blogs, so I feel a bit hypocritical asking others to ask me questions. Then I began to realize that I have not been around for very long, so maybe that makes it easier to come up with questions to ask me.   Who knows?  I guess we shall see, won't we?

{Side note: To be truthful, I have no idea, if I'm making sense right now.  It's late and I rarely blog anything at night because, well, I'm not a night owl at all, but I'm kind of fussing about something and so I'm awake because I cannot shut my mind off and sleep.  Sorry, I cannot really share what I'm fussing about, but I just am in a bit of a funk that makes everyone around me frustrate or rub me wrong, well at least today they did.  I'm sure it will pass by the morning.  That is, as long as I can get a few hours of sleep.}  

So, what was I talking about again?  Oh, yeah, I would love to make an attempt at seeing what others would like to know about me, or Hoss and me.  I'm actually kind of curious about some of you as well.   So, I have decided, I will have a few questions that you all can answer along with your questions, and then on Friday or Saturday I'll post my responses.  How does that work for everyone?  I get to go first! So my questions are: 

What is your favorite flower?

 Do you see yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? 

And finally, do you feel you've reached a level of submission or dominance that you are happy with at this time?  

So, I guess my little question and answer is really a bit of a play on the game at hand.  (Smiling)  I truly cannot wait to hear your answers as well as your questions.  Now, carry on, you all have a bit of an assignment to do.  

Oh, by the way, I'd especially like to hear from you silent readers out there.  I know you may have a question you would love to ask, but have not jumped in and spoke up before.  I can remember having a bazillion questions to ask and not knowing who to ask or if someone would think I was silly for asking.   Yes, been there and done that.  

So that goes for everyone, feel free to pull up a chair and say "Hey, let's talk about...." I'd love to hear from you!  



  1. Hi Baker, those are great questions, not sure I have a favourite flower, I would call myself sn introvert...until you get to know me well lol. As for the last one, well we haven't practiced ttwd here for quite some time. Pretty much back to vanilla.

    Questions for you: What is the biggest change you have noticed in both Hoss and yourself since embracing ttwd?

    Who brought ttwd to the table, you or Hoss?


  2. Hope you don't mind going to use the questions for us in a blog post...yeah I am a
    You find a dirty old lamp, shine it up and a genie appears to grant you wishes...2 for you and 1 for hubby...what are they?
    How did you and hubby meet?
    hugs abby

  3. Favorite flower- pink rose
    Definite introvert.
    Question- what's your favorite thing about being submissive?

  4. Hey Baker...don't really have a favorite most all of long as they're colorful. LOL I am a bit of an introvert until I get to know you and then...ya can't shut me up!

    I'm asking everyone the same question that was asked of me several years ago...What four people (and their spouse/partner), living or dead, would you invite for an evening of drinks and dinner?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. What is one thing about yourself that you really dislike? Do you ever hope that ttwd will be able to help you conquer it?

    An Ella Question :)

  6. Hi Baker, My favourite flower is a purple iris. I'm very introverted, although I don't enjoy being on my own, if that makes any sense. Bear is happy with my level of submission but I'd like to go further with it.

    My questions for you even though you are reasonably new to TTWD have you noticed any changes its made yet? What's your favourite part of TTWD. How do you manage it with children in the house?

    Hugs Lindy xx

  7. A little behind in asking questions.

    I haven't read your blog from the start so forgive the question if you've already written bout it.

    What is your favourite spanking implement and why?
    Did you have a childhood ambition? Did you achieve it?


  8. Hi Baker, :)
    My fav flower changes with the wind I think. Right now it is a white tulip! I think that my inclination is to be an introvert, but I have often had to be more of an extravert. So I would say, somewhere in the middle. I think that my submission is just right for Rob and me.
    What new things have you discovered about yourself since starting ttwd? What would your husband say you have worked hard at to change since incorporating ttwd in your lives? What would your hubby say that you need put more effort into in terms of your submission, if anything? Have your children ever caught you in a spanking moment? Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  9. Hey there Baker. No worries. There is a first time for every thing, no right or wrong way here with questions or answers.
    So who brought TTWD to the relationship and why? What happens when your man is plain wrong? Does he admit it? Or do you point it out to him and how does that make you feel? Thanks for your willingness to answer.