Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Too Close For Comfort, Growing Pains and Different Strokes

So Hoss and I are happily celebrating our first year of dd this month as well as 15 years of marriage.
We were spending some nice quiet time without the kids.  Hoss and I were just sitting next to one another on the bed having a nice bit of chitchat about a bunch of stuff.

He pipes up and says, "Why don't we try out the different implements?"  Meaning let's experiment a bit with the toys in the drawer.  I kind of shook my head as that was not exactly the kind of quiet time I was hoping for.  I was thinking way too long a day to start that kind of play time.

He smiled and said,
"Diff'rent Strokes for different folks," as I kept shaking my head.  

His smile widened and he added, "What?"

 "Eight is Enough?" 

as he lifted his eyebrows trying to get a response from me.

I giggled and sat up a bit and added, 

"How about we discuss...."The Facts of Life?'"  

He smiled broader.  (A bit of a side note we are both word game freaks and are uber competitive with one another when playing any kind of thing that can be turned into a test of skills.)

The game was on!  So the competition was fierce as we both sought to out do the other coming up with the names of sitcoms and dramas from years past that could be twisted and manipulated to relate to DD/TTWD.

Hoss spoke up first with MASH, as in, my bum getting mashed by him.  
Yeah, real funny, I know!

I quickly smiled and asked him, "Hmmm?"  
"Who's the Boss?"

He gave me the look. 

I said, "Um, Growing Pains?"

He liked that one a lot better because we both know "Who the Boss" really is around here. 
Nope, no need to question that one.

I giggled as he added,
 "Family Ties"
A bit tied up maybe?  Maybe not....

and then he had the nerve to add
 "Rawhide" to the mix. 

 Seriously, Rawhide????  
Who wants one of those? 
Okay, I'll admit it,
Yeah, me!  LOL!

Wonder Years 
was one we felt applied quite well to the last year as we explored DD/TTWD.

There were times I wanted to yell, 
"Emergency" as my bum was lit on fire.  

And there were definitely times we took it 
"One Day At A Time"

We were always 
"Mad About You"

And there were plenty of 
"Happy Days" 

  "Good Times"

There were times we were, 
"The A Team" 

"Bosom Buddies"

But a few times he felt I was 

 or in the 
"Twilight Zone" 

or even occasionally, 
"Too Close for Comfort"

In which I in turn felt he was, 
"Breaking Bad" 

and I truly needed to,

"Get Smart"

There were times that we were on, 
"The Love Boat"

as our love,

or we found ourselves, 

"Twin Peaks" 

"Northern Exposure-s"

Thankfully through TTWD/DD we no longer have to worry about 
"Night Court" 

or having too many, 

"Family Matters" 

as we are definitely the best of,

Our list was finally exhausted, but perhaps you all have some to add to it.  

So, maybe it was not the sexiest way to enjoy our Happy Anniversary, but trust us, it was a
"Bonanza" of a good time.


--Hoss and Baker


  1. Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary and your 1 year DD anniversary. Well done, hope there are many more years of fun together.
    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. Aww, thank you, Lindy!
      The plan is to have as many years as God gives us!

  2. Hi Baker, What a great fun post!I enjoyed this, certainly brought back some memories. I loved many of those shows. Some years back I posted a spanking scene from Bonanza on my blog lol.

    Happy anniversary to you both and congratulations on your first year of dd :)


    1. Oh, how sweet, Roz,
      Thank you! Yes, there are some good memories in these titles, but I rarely even watch tv at all now, which is why the majority of the titles are so old. Hoss had me beat hands down on this game.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Baker! There was a lot of humor in the way you chose to celebrate. A spanking sprinkled with a lot of laughter is better than any gift you could buy for each other.

    I have never been much of a sitcom fan, but totally love Breaking Bad and the old Twilight Zone episodes.

    A Hug From Ella!

    1. I'm returning the hug right now, Ella,
      Thank you for the anniversary wishes. I do not watch very much tv, so that is why the titles are from my childhood mainly. Lol.

  4. Happy Anniversaries, Baker and Hoss! You two are so cute and laughter is always welcome in a relationship. Thanks for the trip down memory lane...had forgotten many of these TV shows. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thank you for the sweet wishes, Cat!
      Yes, we were absolutely in a fit of giggles over most of these titles and how we could somehow relate them to ttwd/dd. It was fun and he actually titled this post, which he rarely helps with. Glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the memories of tv shows... :-) Hugs

    1. A hug right back at you, Terps!
      Thank you for the warm wishes. Yes, it was a fun trip for us as well, glad you enjoyed it.

  6. A walk down memory lane Thanks Baker.

    1. No problem, Leigh, happy you liked it. We had fun reliving some of our favorite shows from childhood as most of these were from the late 70s and all of the 80s. We were trying to pick our favs.

  7. Baker,
    I am with Ella........ did not watch many of these shows....... not a big fan of sitcoms!
    Cute Post

    1. Happy you enjoyed the post, Meredith,
      I hardly watch tv at all now, unless you count Disney channel or Nickelodeon, but most of these shows were popular when I was young and back then we lived for our tv time. Lol. I'm happy you enjoyed the post, thanks!