Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ella's Meme

Ella over at Ella Ever After, provided this lovely little meme and I finally had time to sit down and get my thoughts together.

1.  Name a tender song that can almost make you cry.  

Guaranteed tear jerker here is Danny Gokey's, "Tell Your Heart to Beat Again."  When my cousin passed last spring, I would listen to this song repeatedly.  It helped me to heal my heart.  

I also love, love, love, "You Are My Sunshine," as it was my Grandma's favorite.

2.  What is your favorite shade of lipstick?  What about nail polish?  If you do not wear lipstick or polish, what do you like or dislike about the shades you see others wear?

Personally, I rarely wear lipstick or nail polish.  Though I do not mind a nice soft lip gloss. If I do get talked into it, it's because I've allowed a child of mine to do my nails for me!  My mentor Baker was known for her bright colored lime green nail polish.  I thought it was wild and loved her uniqueness.  I think it's so up to the person what's right for them.  If you wear it or not it's up to you.  

3.  Name a children's nursery rhyme or song that you loved and to which you remember all the words.

"There was an old woman who lived in a shoe," by Mother Goose

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children, she didn't know what to do.
She gave them some broth without any bread;
and whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.

A predisposition towards being a spanko even as a child?  

Maybe the fact that I always wanted a houseful of kids and we actually ended up having a large family?  Who knows?

4.  What outfit would you put on in the morning if you wanted to feel happy and well dressed?  Something in which you think you look pretty damn good!

I just love a nice comfy pair of jeans or capris and a t-shirt, tennis shoes with my hair in a ponytail is how I'm most comfortable.
5.  If you had enough money to buy just one, would it be a cottage by the ocean or a cabin in the mountains?

Favorite place ever is the mountains, so that's an easy one to answer.  I took a graduation trip with a friend to the Great Smoky Mountains and it still remains my favorite place to visit.  I cried when Gatlinburg burned last fall.  It was where Hoss and I also went on our honeymoon.

6.  If you are old enough, which one of the Beatles did you have a "thing" for?  If you are not that old, tell us a musician that really did it for you.

LOL, not to be rude, but I'm way too young for the Beatles.   I really never had a favorite musician that I had a thing for, but I absolutely love Christian music and by far my favorite musician has been Rich Mullins.  His music has always spoken to me.

7.  Name a smell that you love - could be kitchen, outdoors, person, your choice.

Pumpkin spice, vanilla or apple cinnamon.  I also love the smell of fresh baked bread and homemade cookies.  I guess you could say I enjoy comfort smells.

8.  How often do you defuzz your legs.  Wax, razor, or electric?

Just a razor in the shower as needed.  

9.  How/why did you choose your blog name?

I so wanted to use, "No Cookie Cutter Life for Us," as it was a play on the name Baker, but Hoss said no.  He felt we might attract people not necessarily interested in ttwd or dd.  So Our Sweeter Approach to Life seemed a bit closer to what a ttwd name, and we went with that.  

10.  What do you like to eat for breakfast?  To drink?  Coffee or tea?

So I love hot chocolate or tea which are great with breakfast.  Though I love ice cream I actually rarely have it for breakfast.  To be honest, bacon is the best breakfast food in my book with a couple of eggs.   Or maybe a nice strawberry smoothie made with vanilla almond milk and greek yogurt if I'm in the mood for something sweet.


11.  How many siblings do you have?  Or are you an only child?  Are you the oldest, a middle, or the youngest child?

I have one older sister and I'm the baby by only 13 months.  

12.  What is your favorite salad dressing?

Honey mustard is my favorite salad dressing, but a poppy seed runs a close second.

13.  If you could sit next to anyone (alive) on a long plane trip, who would you pick?

I'm stealing Lindy from Downunder Dreaming  I have never flown and doubt I could without my sweet man, Hoss, beside me to talk me through the whole thing, so he'd be my own choice.  I have a feeling I'd have a sore bum to start the plane ride just to take the edge off.

14.  Have you ever gone shopping just to cheer yourself up?

Rarely to cheer myself up.  It's more of an escape from the kids to have the opportunity to be by myself.  I'm very introverted and time away to shop or really do anything without someone talking to me, is a favorite thing to do for me.  I cherish my alone time.

15.  If there is one thing that can make you lose your temper, what would it be?

I'm a hot head.  I have alot on my plate.  Before I had children I was very easy come, easy go and still can be as long as I plan well.  When I don't I lose patience very quickly with lost shoes or forgotten shin guards.  With Hoss its typically him being that one person to ask me to do one more thing that sets me off.  Yeah, I really struggle here, but ttwd is helping with this, all the time.  Answering with a sassy tone or sarcastic remark is usually the warning signs before a literally flip a lid.


16.  Tell us about the best photograph you have ever had taken.

I'm not sure if this means one I have taken or one I am in.  I have several great pictures that I have taken of the kids.  I'm not sure I have a favorite one of me though.  Hoss has one he took on his phone of us together on a scenic railway ride that I love, but I also have several selfies with the kids that I enjoy.  So, that's about the best I can say.

17.  Have you ever gone skinny-dipping and where?

No skinny dipping here.  Not sure if I could or would.  Hoss would have to do an awful lot of talking to get me over my inhibition to do so.

18.  What do you like on your pizza?  What don't you like on your pizza? 

Taco pizza, supreme without black olives or a ham and pineapple are my three top favs.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


  1. This has turned out to be the best meme. We're all learning so much about each other. Great answers. I'm thinking I might just try ice cream for breakfast. Heck, when things went nuts for my kids at school, I always declared a "do over" and we'd have breakfast for dinner. It was fun and allowed them to come off a bad day. Maybe ice cream in the morning would set the tone for a good day! Amy

    1. Ice cream does! But for others there may be better preferences. We've done breakfast for dinner before too! Glad we're learning about one another.

  2. #15, Yes! It's not what my husband has asked me to do, it's the sheer number of people who have needed something of me leading up to that.

    1. I hear you, Madeline, simply becomes the straw that breaks the camel's back kind of thing. And those same little people always wanting more of you than sometimes you have to give or that sweet hubby who just wants to know where the clean socks are and well, it's the last straw literally. Yup, sounds very familiar and commonplace here, but it is getting better.

  3. Loved reading your answers Baker. So if you won't fly and me neither I guess there is no chance of meeting up.
    Ice cream for breakfast, yum.
    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. Now, Lindy, I'd come see you in a heartbeat, just on a cruise ship instead! Or maybe I'd let Hoss have me sedated for the flying time! Lol!

  4. Hi Baker, really enjoyed reading your answers. I'm with you on bacon, and not just for breakfast lol. I'm a hot head too, that's where my Scrappy pic comes from. It's a nick name Rick has for me. Let me at em! lol


    1. Roz, sweet mild mannered, Roz? Yeah, I have most people fooled too until I get extremely passionate or frustrated about something. My family knows my hot head all too well, sadly. It's one of the things Hoss seems to be helping me with tbe most.

  5. I enjoyed reading your answers. I love the smell of fresh baked bread. Ella is so good at writing these memes.


    1. Totally agree with you, Ronnie, Ella is very good at writing them and coming up with ways to get us to show our personalities on our blogs. Thanks for stopping by and thanks again to Miss Ella for providing such a great meme!

  6. Baker,
    I loved your responses. Honest and funny, too. It's amazing to see how much we reveal about ourselves in memes.

    The tender song you wrote about is one I love now, too. Thanks for the introduction.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. Thanks, Ella, your meme was excellent. I really enjoyed it!

      As for the song, I'm very thankful it touched your heart as well. It's a good song when one is faced with trials small or astronomical. There are some days I play it just to help me release a few tears. Happy it has helped you as well.

  7. I loved reading this! And we have some things in common... (I always liked that nursery rhythm too...*hides face in shame*)... and I love pumpkin spice and cinnamon apple spice but my absolute fav is the woodburning campfire smell! And I also have only one sibling, a sister, and she is older by 13 months as well!
    Love the post!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, JLynne, i love a woodburning fire either a campfire or the fireplace. We have fires in the fireplace and roast hot dogs and marshmallows for smores as soon as the nights get chilly. Really cannot wait for fall. I get giddy just thinking about it. Older sisters that close in age can be bossy! At least mine is!