Sunday, March 11, 2018

Life Marched In! And So Did Hoss!

We received a few questions from you all asking for answers from Hoss.  So without further ado, here is my man with a post all his own.

An introduction is in order.  I have read most of all the posts, but never posted or commented on any yet...

My name is Hoss and with my wife we try to live a DD lifestyle.  My wife introduced me to to it about two years ago.  I was totally against it at first.  I was raised never raise your hand or paddle to a lady.  I have seen other relationships that were not DD, but abusive.  I didn't want anything that would open that door or appear to be that from the outside looking in.

I do have to say that my wife is persistent and we talked and talked.... and I asked and she answered my questions/concerns.  The rest has been put into words for good and bad for everyone to see.

Amy's question:
"Hoss, we blog friends get a lot out of sharing our experiences with each other.  As the HOH, do you have other men in your role who you confide in about this dynamic and if not, is there a question you would like the other men out there to answer?"

My answer:
Amy, I do not have any friends I confide in though I have read other posts and blogs from the web.

My questions for Eric and other HOH's is this:
How do I read when to stop?  My wife has shown that sometimes I stop too soon.  We haven't ever gone too far.

Consistency.  She has moods and sometimes it is frustrating to not discipline in the moment, but I don't want to discipline angry.  We have problems with being consistent on a daily basis as life gets in the way.  I need to redirect during those times and would appreciate suggestions on what others do or think.

Ronnie/s question.
"Have your or Hoss bought any new implements lately and if so what are they?"

My answer:
Nothing new, but have at least tried or use regularly the following implements....we have a houseful of kids.  We have the ever reliable Bertha, but she is LOUD!!!  But we have Loopy and SID and we have tried different household implements and different combinations of implements like Sloopy a combination of SID and Loopy  A hanger words really well. The tool used to spread frosting on a cake works well too (SID).  We have tried dowel rods and plastic dowel rods.  Most everything hurts in the moment, but Bertha has the best lasting power.  

Lindy's Question:
"If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?  What's one item you always pack when travelling?" 

My answer:
Somewhere with my wife.  Anywhere that's not crazy hot.  We'd love to visit Alaska and Australia.  We love the mountains best.

Bertha is packed and her traveling companion (Baker).  

Roz's Question:
"What changes have you noticed in both yourself and Baker since started TTWD?"

My Answer:
We are both much calmer and have better communication.

Thanks for asking your questions!



  1. Hi Hoss and Baker,

    I really enjoyed reading your answers to these questions Hoss, and thank you for answering my question. It's always so wonderful to hear from the other side of the paddle (or Bertha in your case :) and hear the perspective of the HoH.

    There were some good questions and I love your questions to other HoH's and hope you get some responses to these. I will certainly put these to Rick.


  2. Hoss and Baker ... loved hearing about your ttwd from 'the other side' ... thanks, Hoss! We would also like to hear how others handle the not disciplining in the moment due to circumstances and/or when anger is a factor ...
    ... PS ... some of those implements sound really 'ouchy'! ... nj ... xx

  3. Loved hearing from you Hoss, thank you for answering my questions. Hope you have some other HoHs give you the clues your looking for.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  4. Nice to hear from you Hoss....hugs abby

  5. Baker,
    Interesting outlook.