Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Update on Lindy Lou

Our sweet Lindy has not been around much lately.  Her aches and pains in her wrist and hand have been unbearable.  Writing or typing has been no fun.  But have no fear!  Lindy is feeling better.  She had surgery yesterday morning and all went well.  Our Lindy Lou is on the road to recovery.  
Join with me to send our favorite down under blogger a get well soon!  Lindy gave me the go ahead to let everyone else know that she is doing better, surgery is complete and it will be at least another six to eight weeks before she can catch up with us all here.  So send her some love, people!
She can be reached at  



  1. Hi Baker,

    Such a sweet post for a sweet, very dear friend. Thank you so much for the update Baker, I'm so glad to hear surgery went well.


  2. Hi Baker, :) Wishing Lindy a swift and easy recovery!! Fingers crossed that she has excellent results from her surgery! Thanks so much for letting us know! Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

  3. OMG - I've been gone too long. HUGS to Lindy. No sookie lala now that she's all fixed up. Thanks for telling us.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad that she'll be feeling better soon. Hand pain is no fun. I get carpel tunnel, used to have arthritis, and get horrible wrist pains/sprains, so I know they're debilitating. I hope she feels better soon, and can share all of what she's been up to. :) Thank you for sharing. :)
    Hugs, EsMay

  5. sending healing thoughts her way...

  6. Thanks so much for this update, Baker. I too have been recovering from a surgery, and think I am waking up just in time for spring. Hugs to Lindy, and I wish her the best.