Thursday, January 13, 2022

I'd Like to Know...

There are so many things I would like to know about other taken in hand wives.  
Believe it or not, at this time, most of the things I talk about with friends that blog are not about DD even though that's how our friendships began.  

I have learned the answers to some of these thoughts from some of their blogs or maybe at some point in conversation, but I'd almost like to take a poll and see what they have to say now as many have been blogging for a long time....But it's not just bloggers who make me ponder, but my readers as well.  I mean these question pertain to all of us living or interested in this lifestyle.  The thoughts below are random in their listing, just pick one or two and share your thoughts.  Let's get talking people!

How come we all enjoy spanking?  Was it a life long desire or something you stumbled upon?  Did your spouse bring it to you?  How or why does this become such an overwhelming need within us?

Why is it that some of us fight the need to cry?  I know for years I did.  Since I was sick I can cry at the drop of the hat.  But for years I would not cry.  I wanted to or said I did, but when push came to shove I mentally fought back.  Why is that?  Does anyone have any theories?

Does anyone have any ways to keep your mouth from speaking crazy random things that keep you out of trouble?  Like how do you keep yourself from saying things that make it worse?  There are times I just cannot help myself and have to get the last word or speak over my man without thinking?  Do I truly lack that much impulse control?  Am I that ignorant?  I choose not to believe either of those, yet there are days I just shake my head at myself and wonder when I will choose not to poke the bear.  

Why do we enjoy that after spanking feeling?  That tenderness that may last for a few hours or a day or two after a well spanked bottom?  What is it about that feeling that makes me feel so loved and cherished?  Why will we sacrifice our butts and upper thighs for that feeling?  I often really wonder about that because in the moment of a well deserved spanking, I truly just have no idea how I got into this lifestyle in the first place.

Lastly, why do certain implements do it for some, but not for others?  Why do I loathe Loopy, but can tolerate Bertha?  Why does leather make most of us fear and tremble and also make us puddle at the same time.  There is just so much that we can take with one implement, but could take another all day long.  Is it physiological or physical or mental or spiritual?  I wonder what the thoughts or emotions are behind it all?  And why do their hands just seem so hard and callous one minute and so soft and gentle the next?

So, below, feel free to answer.  I know some of you are not bloggers, but you are into DD and I just really am curious how you would answer these questions.  Feel free to let me know in the comments below or if you'd prefer an email.  Help answer my questions and ease my thoughts that I am not alone in my wondering.



  1. Hi Baker, these are great questions and you are definitely not alone in wondering these things and I'm not sure there are too many answers.

    For me, I have had a fascination with spanking from a young age, no idea why. Somehow, it just came up in conversation one day with Rick and we haven't looked back. Oh that post spanking feeling. I don't know, but I think for me it's partly a strange sense of pride in what I have just taken plus a feeling of a shared secret between us. Particularly if we are meeting others/going out afterwards.

    As for crying, I rarely cry from spanking and if I do, it usually isn't a 'proper' cry. Many times I have wished I could cry in order to feel the release that it brings.

    Implements - I think alot depends on the emotions involved and how we are generally feeling at the time as to what we can handle.


    1. Thank you so much, Roz, you and I share that we both have known from a young age, but don't know why. I'm so thankful we can all learn from one another, that's for sure.


  2. Sorry to be late, but I did want to reply. Why do I enjoy spanking? I’m sure some get into it as adults, like after reading 50 Shades. But I was definitely born with this desire, no question. Like some people are born gay. I hid my desire for nearly fifty years before I acted on it, but the intense interest was always there and were some of my first memories.
    The crying thing – I never fought it, I just couldn’t. Again, in my experience it was never real, so those emotions were never really tapped.
    Keeping my mouth shut – that’s really easy for me. It’s talking that I can’t do. Not face to face about serious or sensitive subjects. There are so many things I SHOULD talk about with Nick but I just clam up. And the smart-ass comments he’s never really minded because they’re mostly in good fun.
    Why we enjoy the feeling – they took the time to show us they care and they did it in the way they know we want and need it. It takes time. It’s easier to ignore it all because it’s confusing to them at times. But when they take that time… nothing melts my heart more.
    Those implements – I gave a hard no to the Loopy! A horrible implement. I love most leather because of the different ways it can be used, from loving to punishment. As for wood I love the idea in my head, not so much on my butt!

    Thanks for asking these Baker, it helps keep my spanking brain stretched.

    1. Awe, thank you, PK. I liked that it stretched your brain a bit. It sure did mine! I appreciate that you made me think more too.